Thursday, August 25, 2016

Interim Post

I've been working on a different post, but since I'm obviously not done with it yet, here are some pictures in the meantime :)
[With her collection of "babies"]
[After the Fourth of July parade at school...]
[...which was followed directly by this disaster, where I had upset the Audra in some way and so we needed to wait for her to stop crying before I could buckle her in and go home - I call this "being held hostage at school... again"]
[Immediately before BOTH CHILDREN somehow burned themselves with sparklers, despite adult supervision]
[Josie added "sparklers" -- just after "flat irons" -- to her list of things she now understands will burn her]
[Proud about learning how to draw a circle :) ]
[King and Queen day at school - meanwhile, Audra decidedly did not dress up since she sensed I was trying to influence her clothing choices for the day when I suggested perhaps she'd like to wear one of her (more Queen-like) dresses ;) ]
[Going for a walk... on a treadmill... with Elsa... wearing water shoes... on the wrong feet]
[My children found a nook at a restaurant and decided to fill it]
[I guess I wasn't specific enough when I asked her to put on her pants]