Sunday, July 9, 2017


Here's the latest installment of things the kids have said, which at least I find hilarious ;)

  • Audra, after getting out of the car: "Mommy, I peed in my pull-up." [cue my stomach dropping] "Audra, you're not wearing a pull-up." "Oh."
  • Audra on the plane: "Are we in the air? Are we above the clouds??" This, as we're just taxiing away from the airport, looking out the window at other airplanes and people on the ground.
  • Audra, employing excellent logic to try to get a ride on Ryan's shoulders: "I need up-ups because I'm too heavy to walk."
  • Audra is far more enthusiastic to greet me than Josie is (who still pretends not to see me) when I pick them up from school, and once she yelled "Throw down that book!!" at Josie when I came into the class where they were reading together.
  • Me, after Audra had opined on everything under the sun: "Audra, you're full of opinions." "Where? Where are my opinions? In my body?? Where?!"
  • Audra has decided she is a kitty cat again, and after Ryan said something to her, she responded: "It doesn't make sense. I'm a kitty. Kitties don't talk, so why are you talking to me?" 
  • Audra to me: "Yesterday I realized my tongue is not food." "Was this before or after you bit it?" "After."
  • Audra to me: "It will cost all your money to get more hair. You don't have much hair. That was my funny secret."
  • Audra to me, as part of the ongoing theme of being (hopefully unintentionally) harsh to me: "Have fun not being fun!"
  • Audra accurately summing up her relationship with sleep: "I don't want to sleep because I don't like to sleep. I'm gonna try."

And two for Josie:

  • Josie, referring to a video game she was playing: "Where is the one with the box of strange delights?"
  • Me to Josie, unexpectedly getting perhaps more commentary on my parenting skills: "Josie, Nana's coming to visit in an hour." Josie, in a relieved voice, "Thank goodness."