Monday, February 6, 2017


It has been a while since I posted silly little Audra-isms, so here is the latest installment:

  • Audra loves to narrate things now, like the time she yelled "Mommy is talking to Daddy!" I responded with "Did you really just interrupt me talking to Daddy to tell me that I'm talking to Daddy?!" "Yeah." [pleased smile]
  • She also loves to blurt out whatever thought crosses her mind, apropos to nothing, like "I have friends at school!" or "Mommy's mommy is Nana!"
  • I was explaining to Josie the difference between a pony and a mini horse, and that we can't ride mini horses because they're too small - it would be like riding a dog, and we can't ride dogs. Audra pipes up, "I wanna ride a dog!" Of course she does; I thank her for her input.
  • I don't remember the context for this one, but I'm sure we can all guess: "Headphones! Headphones for screaming!"
  • She got out some socks with snowmen on them, then promptly lost them. I asked, "Where are your socks?" Audra responds, "My snowman socks? They melted."
  • She very sweetly tries to make sure we're always happy, and she has decided that the quickest way to be happy is through hugs and kisses... so now if she catches me making a less-than-pleased face, she says, "Are you happy?" [forcibly hugs and kisses me] "Are you happy now??" 
  • Tying together the random thoughts + hugging and kissing: "You have big eyebrows! Huggie kissie!"
  • Also on the eyebrow theme: "I'm not a grown-up, I still have eyebrows."
  • We insist on spotting her when she climbs up and down the ladder to Josie's loft bed, which she equally insists she doesn't need, yelling "Don't squat me! Don't squat me!!"
  • After Ryan told her he was going to go away to a mountain: "Are you going to a mountain and be Elsa??"
  • As Josie and I were playing a rhyming game ("I say 'rock'!" "I say 'dock'!"), Audra chimes in with "I say 'boobie'!" then dissolves into peals of laughter (alternatively, she says "poopie"... her potty word game is strong).
  • As Audra is 2, she usually acts like a 2-year-old, with quickly shifting emotions. I am (finally!) catching on to this, and sometimes can actually use this to my advantage. Case in point: Audra sees me give Josie her cereal without any of the usual yogurt, and says "I don't want yogurt." Before she even has finished her sentence, I ask, "Do you want any yogurt?" "Yeah! Yummy!"
  • After seeing the bare dusting of snow in our yard, she asks "Can we eat snow?" then, in a wheedling voice, continues: "We can eat octopus and fiiish."
  • After asking her what she'd like to eat: "I want to eat Star Wars for dinner."

And one Josie-ism to end with:

  • Josie talking to me, as I am chauffeuring us somewhere once again: "Do you know what you have to do so that Daddy has to drive? *whispers* drink wine." Duly noted, and thanks for the tip, kid. :)