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We're doing Amazon Wish Lists again this year.  Note that our comments and the quantity desired is now in the middle for each item (I keep missing it, so I thought I'd point it out :) ).  If you buy an item other than the specific item listed (whether a different version from Amazon or from somewhere other than Amazon), please make sure to update the item by clicking on "Mark this item as purchased".  Amazon will then send you an email to confirm before removing it from the public view of the list.  It doesn't show us what has already been purchased when we log in to Amazon, so don't worry about us peeking :)
Stacey's Wish List 
Josie's Wish List
Audra's Wish List 
Updated 11/6/23: If you'd like to get any clothes for the girls, Audra wears size 12-14 for clothes (preferring dresses, or shirts and shorts/leggings, NOT jeans :) ) and a size 7 shoe, and Josie wears size XS or S women's (preferring shirts and shorts/jeans) and a size 8 shoe. 

If you feel so inclined to contribute to Josie or Audra's college fund (they're combined at the moment), you can send a check made out to "VEST" to the address below (just make sure to include the account number in the memo field):
PO BOX 759226 
BALTIMORE, MD 21275-9226 
Memo: ACCOUNT NUMBER 10269951

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