Saturday, April 27, 2019


And now for something a little more lighthearted... here are more funny things the kids have said :)

  • Audra about JoJo Siwa: "I know why she's real - because she's a kid and not a princess."
  • Audra: "We cannot make driveways out of fruit. The world is not made out of pepperoni." [Truer words have never been spoken]
  • Audra to Josie as we were talking about Josie grabbing an electrical line: "Say sorry to yourself because you would be dead."
  • Josie: "What if we all peed out honey? That would be a dream come true." [This makes me seriously concerned about her dreams]
  • Josie: "Then how did he get turned into a goon? I don't know this life lesson."
  • Audra: "What's gracias in Spanish?"
  • Josie: "It's too exciting for my eyes!"
  • Audra: "I can't hear you, 'cause my eyes were closed."
  • Ryan: "Do you miss your cousin Alex?" Audra: "I do miss apples, even though who is apples?"
  • Audra, immediately upon waking: "We have enough chickens." [NEVER!]
  • Audra, imparting some PreK wisdom: "You can't listen to your mind because your mind is not telling the truth, you have to listen to your heart."
  • Even Audra has her limits: "I love you. I love everybody. Except dangerous people."
  • Audra: "Parrots are daddy birds." [...oh?]
  • Stacey: "What are you going to put in your unicorn purse?" Audra: "Plants and children." [This definitely prompted a nervous laugh from me] 
  • Audra, wearing her helmet inside: "I just ran into the door so that why I have my helmet on - for safety."
  • Audra, whose memory is steadily improving: "Today when I woke up I remembered to be sad."
  • Audra and the neverending battle with sleep: "Fall is when we sleep longer and I don't like fall because we sleep longer - is that right?"
  • Audra: "Tomatoes are my other kind of lunch." [I wish we had asked her to expand upon this thought]
  • Audra: "Every day I don't know what I'm doing." [Same, kid. Same.]
  • Audra: "You don't need to be alive to live." [Indeed]

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