Sunday, December 19, 2010

12 weeks

I missed last week's weekly update since we were in NYC, but it would've probably read much the same as this one. It looks like I'm past the "morning" sickness stage of things now. I was still feeling nauseated last week but not bad enough to need to wear my bands, and this week I've felt just fine except for a couple of waves of nausea. I even ate a salad - and enjoyed it - last week! I used to look forward to my daily salad, so that was something I found weird and a little sad when it started turning my stomach. I'm still eating it with ranch dressing (since *everything* tastes better with ranch), although maybe I'll even get back to my normal Italian dressing too. Two other big milestones: I am done with my meds! Sunday was actually supposed to be my last day on the Endometrin and estrace, but I ran out of the Endometrin on Wednesday and just decided to stop them both. Possibly related to the meds but most likely just coincidental: I stopped spotting! For the most part, at least. I was afraid stopping the meds was going to lessen my symptoms and make me start getting nervous again, but the spotting was one thing I was glad to see go. Besides that, I have plenty of other symptoms to choose from, so I'm cautiously feeling good about things now. I'm still nervous for my NT scan tomorrow, but I really won't be surprised if I'm nervous before every ultrasound right until the end.

Another symptom that I was glad to see go (but then ended up coming back) is bloody noses. Without getting into too much detail, suffice it to say that my trash can at work looked like a warzone for a while. The ready bleeding every time I blew my nose (which is frequent, since my nose has remained stuffed up since October) stopped last month, but then came back a couple of weeks ago, although it looks like it's lessening again. Good. I've also been more irritable lately, but I'm not sure how much of that can be blamed on the hormones and how much is just from lack of sleep. I used to be able to sleep so well - I miss the days when I would be asleep within seconds and not wake up until the alarm went off in the morning. I think it really dates back to when we first had troubles conceiving that my sleeping started to suffer too, since every month would be a roller coaster, with my nerves/lack of sleep amping up towards the end, and charting first thing each morning would lead to me waking up before my alarm, which was very frustrating when I just wanted to sleep and because it really messed with my ability to take my temperature at the same time each day. So I was hoping that my sleep would get better once I got pregnant since the stress of actually getting to this state would be over. Instead, I'm waking up every half hour or so still, from early morning on, with the sole purpose being - as far as I can tell - to frustrate me. I've heard that waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom can start this early, but it's not even that. I'm not waking up with any productive purpose, apparently just to turn over, glare at the clock, and then punch at my pillow to fluff it up/take out some frustration. And then after hours of doing that every so often, I then wake up before the alarm and then am completely unable to get back to sleep. This same routine happens on the weekend too, which used to be reserved for sleep catchup time, when I'd sleep until noon and feel wonderful and refreshed. No longer. So every day lately I've been exhausted and cranky I'm pretty sure it's purely from lack of sleep. And lest it sound like I'm complaining too much, I would still take having the uncontrollable urge to lay my head down on a dirty table at Wendy's just to rest for a few minutes over not being pregnant any day :)

I really can't tell if I'm actually any bigger this week than in the 10 week pic, or if it's just because I'm closer to the camera this week. I've read that I should start showing any time now, so hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later!
10-12 week comparison

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