Wednesday, April 13, 2011

28w4d Ultrasound

This week I went in for my monthly appointment with the midwives and the high risk doctor. This was the last of the monthly appointments with the midwives though, as I'll be going to appointments every two weeks starting now until week 36, at which point I'll begin going in weekly until delivery. I'll stay on the monthly schedule with the high risk doctor, so if all continues to go well, I'll only be seeing them two more times.

I had to do a 2-hour glucose screening test with the midwives on Monday to see if I'm at risk for developing gestational diabetes. Although the glucola drink itself was fine (it was almost a pleasant orange flavor vs. the coke flavor I was expecting), the fasting combined with lots of sugar in the glucola, three blood draws and then generally feeling not so great the rest of the day wasn't my favorite. We'll go over the results at my next appointment unless there are any issues, so no news is good news in this case. My belly measured 28 weeks, and I had a good conversation with the midwife about various birth plan and labor stuff, which we'll be talking about with our doula in the next couple of weeks too to try to nail down our preferences.

Then on Tuesday I went to the high risk doctor, and the baby got scanned and measured again. It apparently gained just over a pound in the last month so it's now at 3lbs (and possibly some change, but I can't remember), is still measuring just over a week ahead at 30 weeks and is in the 65th percentile for weight. I had a different ultrasound tech than usual, so she showed me a few different body parts from the usual in more detail, like fingers and the different leg bones. The baby also does have at least a little bit of hair now - I was surprised that we could see that level of detail on the sonogram!

Here's a picture of one of the feet - the baby was hanging out with its legs crossed, so I'm guessing she didn't print out a picture with both feet since it would've looked like our baby had its feet on backwards :)

And here's a straight shot of the face - these pictures kind of freak Ryan and me out a bit since it's so ghostly and this one cut off the end of the nose (from what I understand, ultrasounds are basically showing cross-sections of the baby, so the nose got cut off because the tech was trying to get on the other side of the arm the baby had in front of its face), but I thought I'd still share it since it's a different view of the face from the usual profile shots.

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