Monday, November 28, 2011

20 Weeks

This week marked Josie's first major holiday - one guess as to what I was thankful for this year ;) We spent Thanksgiving at Ryan's parents' house, along with one of Ryan's sisters and her kids, and Ryan's grandmother (who also just met Josie for the first time this week). We played a bit before dinner, with Josie getting to be "superbaby" and showing off her big smiles, and then Alyson also showed us how to prop Josie up so she could sit unassisted (although she didn't last very long!).

Josie was very good throughout dinner - despite being a bit tired and hungry herself - and just hung out in her swing next to the table with me stroking her leg between bites of food, which seemed to help keep her content. She then partook in a family tradition and laid on the floor with Ryan after dinner. However, she didn't quite get the part that she was supposed to be resting on the floor, and instead spent the time kicking around and blowing raspberries.

We took a feeding/nap break upstairs, and then when we came back downstairs for dessert, Josie got to lounge around and watch some football... and probably knows more about it already than I do ;)

We also did Thanksgiving Part II with my mom, aunt, brother, and his girlfriend this weekend, but I had misplaced my camera by then (...again) so unfortunately no pictures from Josie's first trip to West Virginia/Nana's house. We went out to a restaurant, and Josie fussed a bit at first in her carseat, which is a bit unusual for her now - usually she's quietly content or falls asleep when we take her out to eat. But I suspect she knew exactly what she was doing, because when Ryan turned around with her after getting her out of her carseat, she had the biggest grin on her face ;) So she got to spend the meal being held, smiling at everyone and generally being a happy baby.

Developmentally, this was a big week for hands. She did, in fact, remedy the situation from last week where she had sucked on every finger but her pinky, since Ryan caught her sucking on her pinky this week. He also caught her holding up and contemplating each finger before settling on sucking her thumb :) Hands are endlessly fascinating for her, and it's even better when we add additional hands to the mix - I can just hold my hand up for her or wiggle my fingers, and she'll usually gently touch them or grab onto a couple of fingers and play with them for a bit before they inevitably end up on a path towards her mouth. I also got her giggling just by singing to her and tapping each of her fingers like I was playing the piano. And sometime between this week and last, she figured out how to grab for her toys more effectively. She had been reaching for them if they were held up for her, but hadn't really been reaching for them on her own. However, I ran downstairs this week to throw some laundry in, and came back to this sight:

Josie is also still dealing with a cold, and compounded with the discomforts of teething, this was another week of not great sleeping. She had a couple of good nights of sleep, but besides that, she was waking more frequently - and earlier, so we no longer got a nice 4-5 hour stretch of sleep at the beginning of the night. Poor thing has been quite congested though, so having difficulties breathing probably isn't helping the situation. She's had more problems falling asleep too, since she normally takes a couple of deep breaths right as she falls asleep, but the sound of her stuffed-up nose (and likely the less than satisfactory oxygen intake) have instead woken her up a few times.

Miscellaneous cuteness for the week:
[The risk of being a deliciously adorable baby is that she may just get eaten up...]
[...she was spared this time though ;)]

[Josie just has so much talking to do]

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