Wednesday, December 14, 2011

22 Weeks

Another week, another trip to the pediatrician. I was supposed to take Josie back to the doctor this past Monday to check that her ear infection had cleared up and to do the second half of her 4-month shots, but after ending her medications at the beginning of the week, her cough got worse and her eye started draining again, so instead I took her a few days early on Friday. She is now over 19 lbs (not sure how far over though, since she was wiggling around so much I couldn't catch the number of ounces), and her ear infection got worse over the last couple of weeks, so we had to continue using the eye ointment and add a stronger antibiotic than the amoxicillan we did for the first ear infection. We're not too happy about having her on antibiotics again (still), but she seems to be tolerating it okay so far, and then we get to go back to the doctor just before Christmas to try to get her shots in then (assuming she's healthy).

Josie has been a bit more fussy this week, though, so either her stomach is a bit upset and she's not feeling quite herself, or she's coming to the realization that not everyone is here to be charmed by her and entertain her ;) Apparently she has gotten a bit more demanding at daycare, and is now crying when she's set down, or even if she's being held but not getting enough attention. I think this is interesting, since for her first few months she really only cried when she was tired, hungry, or uncomfortable, so now she's begun crying for other than her basic needs. Interesting, but also a bit exasperating, as she has started getting very upset when she drops her toys. Which she does a lot, seeing as how she just really started getting interested in her toys a couple of weeks ago, so she's not very dexterous quite yet.

On the flipside, she has been giggling more and more readily lately, and was outright laughing last week when the other kids at daycare were jumping up and down by her (and then she got mad when they took their jumping elsewhere...). We've also gotten her to giggle by making faces at her, saying certain things to her ("blink!" "arm up!" being two popular ones), and even just nodding our heads at her.

[This is my more elaborate method of getting her to giggle]

Her sleeping has gotten a bit more erratic over the last couple of weeks. She had started to sleep better overnight again, but with feeling under the weather, she began waking every 2 hours or so from coughing... and then one night woke up coughing every 45 minutes, which was rough. We have a humidifier going now, which seems to be helping with her congestion at least, and she's started only waking a couple of times a night again which is definitely welcome - I've been sick as well, and I came down with a nasty virus this weekend that completely incapacitated me for a couple of days. Luckily, Josie has been relatively easy on us for the last couple of weekends. Last weekend was the epitome of a lazy weekend, with Ryan and I both getting to have lots of sleepy Josie time:

As far as development, Josie has been pushing up and trying to push forward when we lay with her on our chests now. She also discovered the joys of swinging her arms around, so now we've woken up several times to her thumping her mattress while she swings her arm back and forth (punctuated with some thumps from her swinging her legs up and down too).

[Trying to crawl up Ryan]

She's also tolerating laying on her stomach more - before, she would usually be crying in less than 5 minutes, but she actually relaxed and laid quietly on her stomach a few times last weekend.
[It turns out that Josie laying on her stomach creates a nice resting spot for her stuffed kitty and other miscellaneous toys as well ;)]

I forgot to note one important milestone from a couple of weeks ago: on November 29, 2011, Josie monkeytoes'd me for the first time. So now we know that she has Ryan's ears and toes ;) She has been gripping our arms like a firepole with her feet for a while now when we change her diaper, but on that fateful day, she actually pinched my arm with her toes for the first time - and it hurt! So this serves as fair warning to steer clear of her little baby monkeytoes ;)

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[Sucking on her index finger and watching some skate videos with Ryan]

[Josie's new sound for the week]

[A video Ryan put together of just a sampling of her various sounds]

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