Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Well, I got a little behind with posting, between the (still ongoing) move, preparing for and hosting Thanksgiving at the new house, and temporarily misplacing all means to pull pictures off my camera.  But we found one of the cables, so here are pictures from Josie's first visit to a pumpkin patch a few weeks ago.
[Farmer Josie]

Josie almost didn't know what to do with herself when we first got there, since we had gone to an animal farm with a pumpkin patch.  She was super, super excited about the animals, and suddenly started pulling out all the animal sounds I didn't even know she knew how to make, since she hardly ever says them at home.  But apparently when confronted with chickens, cows, and dogs, she knows exactly how to speak their language ;)  The chickens seemed to be her favorite though, probably in no small part due to the fact that they were running around loose and were therefore much easier for her to chase around.

Josie's little pointy fingers are quite cute when she's lecturing us at home, but were not too helpful on an animal farm.  I tried to explain to her that the animals were going to eat her little fingers, but that didn't deter her one bit.  And although I've had it drilled into my head never to stick out fingers to animals, I apparently only absorbed that lesson relating to four-legged animals, so I wasn't quite as diligent about keeping her hands away from the two-legged variety... which is how Josie got bit by a peahen :(  She was ok though and her skin wasn't even broken, but I think both of us were freaked out to look down at a peahen attached to her finger.
[Troublesome little pointy fingers]

Josie eventually got her routine down pat with the animals.  First, locate a likely target.  Second, yell at said target, even better if there is pointing involved.  Third, squat down to further express delight while yelling at the target.  Fourth, get distracted and find a new target to yell at. 
 P1090558 P1090560 

The pumpkin patch was really geared towards slightly older kids, but I think Josie had a lot of fun anyway.  How could she not, with so many animals to yell at? ;)  So we didn't do some of the activities (bigger playground equipment, moonbounce, hay ride), but we did go down the giant slide several times, which she loved.  I do find it funny, though, that despite being fairly rough-and-tumble, she's remarkably finicky about stuff on her hands.  So we spent a fair amount of time trying to wipe her hands of whatever she got into before she started fussing and crying.
[Ooh, dirt!]
[Eww, dirt!]

We finished off our trip to the pumpkin patch by having some apple cider and finally picking up some pumpkins.  Josie loooved the apple cider - as expressed by her delighted squealing and foot stamping - and is probably still mad at me because I only let her have a few sips of my (tiny) cup.  Then we picked out our pie pumpkins (no need for a bigger one since this was already after Halloween), which Josie helpfully held onto for me while planning how best to eat it ;)

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