Saturday, February 8, 2014

38 Weeks

This week I kind of felt like I hit a wall, with feeling like I'm slowing down and that things are starting to get more achy that weren't before. This is, of course, after yoga on Tuesday where at the beginning of the class, our instructor asked us what we were proud of ourselves for. I chose that I haven't really slowed down yet, and that I'm still able to play pretty actively with Josie (which always seems to involve running and jumping), except that it's just been harder to get up off the ground lately. And then I could barely do some of the standard poses in the class, since my muscles just felt  too weak and achy... although I did still fall asleep during final relaxation, as usual ;)

I cashed in on the massage Ryan got me for Christmas last weekend, which was awesome. I also got some good tips from the massage therapist since she pointed out that my posture is pretty bad right now. I basically stick my belly out and get a sway back, which is most likely leading to the lower back pain I seem to get whenever I do housework. So now I'm trying to round my back a bit more and suck the belly in, which does seem to help (and gets me moving a bit quicker again with less waddling). It also makes my belly look more like my weekly comparison pictures, since I otherwise look quite a bit bigger... more like this:
I had another midwife appointment this week, and my belly measured about the same as it did last week. My midwife was not concerned, since she said that some women plateau about this far along as the baby drops down (since they're measuring the length of the uterus, essentially), so she's not concerned at all. I am a little, so we'll see how things go next week, since if I'm still measuring ~36cm then I'll probably get an ultrasound just to check how things are going in there. I also found out that I'm positive for Group B strep again, which is very disappointing, given that I was negative when tested earlier and had been doing some preventive stuff anyway. I'll be doing another test next week to get more information on how colonized I am, since that can increase the risk to the baby. I'm also doing a bunch of research now to see if this changes our birth plans, and other treatment options since we can't do the standard IV antibiotics at home.

Besides all that, things are going fine. The crib is now set up in our room, the bases for the infant car seat are installed in our cars, and I've got my leave stuff started at work. Speaking of which, my management agreed that I should be transitioned off everything by yesterday, so I am happily redirecting all new actions to other people now, and just trying to finish my review of one last agreement this weekend. Hopefully I'll still get enough time at work to do some cleanup, and then I'll feel much better about being out for the next 3 months.

Ryan and I went on what will probably be our last date night for a while last night. Taking advantage of Josie's school's Parents' Night Out, we went out to dinner at a Korean/Cajun fusion restaurant (with amaaazing food) and then watched a movie before we went to pick up Josie again. We also got the sun room pretty much ready to go now (just need to pull the shades and block out the windows in the doors when the time comes), so this was now my view when I was working from home this week:
[Getting so close!]

The fatigue is back in full force in the evenings, and while I'm sleeping fairly well now (all things considered), I'm somehow flipping over from my left side to right overnight without waking up. This seems odd to me, given how much of a production it is to flip over even when I'm awake and coherent. This also led to a confusing morning for me when I felt strangely unbalanced, until I realized it was just because the baby had moved to the right side (from its usual left side) too. I've also been even warmer the last week than I had been, and now - despite it being February - I'm wearing sleeveless shirts at work and that almost keeps me to a normal temperature. Oh, and I'm still sick.
IMG_0778     IMG_0797

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