Saturday, April 28, 2018


Here's the latest installment of silly things the kids have said :)

  • Audra, apropos of nothing: "My back doesn't feel, it only hears. There are little tiny people inside my tummy."
  • Also Audra: "First my tummy said there are no answers." There was no "then" statement to follow this one, which was a little disappointing.
  • Audra: "I'm the only one with lots of dreams. I have 20 dreams." Me: "Twenty dreams...?" Audra: "No, 25." [her dream library is apparently expansive and precise]
  • Josie was fussing about life in general one morning, then turned to us and said, calmly and with a small bloody object in her hand, "And anyway, my tooth just fell out."
  • Audra, still working on her past tense and "v"s: "Michael loseded his boice, so now he has a new boice."
  • Audra sitting in her car seat while we were at a red light: "I almost fell out of my seat." Cue my spinning to look at her, with wide eyes. "No, I almost fell out of my body." My eyebrows go up further, prompting one more correction from Audra: "No, it almost fell out of my lap."
  • Audra reading an alphabet book: "'Q' is for princess, laundry, and umbrella bird." While I was still flabbergasted by these (especially "laundry"), Josie helpfully corrected this to "queen, quilt, and quail."
  • Me to Josie: "How is your watermelon gum?" Josie: "Good, except it ran out of power so quickly."
  • Audra to me: "I will not cry without you because I still have Josie." Josie's face at this: O.o
  • Also Audra: "Why am I here with you? Oh, because I never want to be away from you."
  • Audra, feeling contemplative: "We are unlucky to see the sunset."
  • Audra again: "My pee was being a liar."

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