Monday, March 14, 2011

24 weeks

This week was another big milestone: viability. Twenty-four weeks is usually considered the point of viability, so if the baby were born now, it would have a chance for survival and doctors would attempt to save its life. Obviously we're hoping for the baby to stay put for about another 16 weeks, but this was another important milestone that I was looking forward to - next up is third trimester starting in just under 3 weeks!

As probably no big surprise, my main symptom this week continues to be a complete inability to get a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, my mood tends to deteriorate as the week goes on and I have to operate on less and less sleep, so by mid-week, I found work and just about everything else quite irritating. Then I actually got in a 2-hour nap this weekend and felt well-rested and content for about an hour...before realizing I was still tired :( For the first time, I had problems falling asleep too (normally, I fall asleep very quickly and just start waking up every half hour or so after the first couple of hours), although that was mainly because the baby decided that bedtime was a good time for calisthenics :)

Ryan and I both had mini-breakthroughs this week. Childbirth class was about the coach's role, and I think we both realized a little better what Ryan's role will be during labor, at home and at the hospital, which helped us buckle down more on the prep work, so we've been doing the workbook exercises and finally started practicing the relaxation exercises at home. My breakthrough was more about my fitness (or lack thereof). Although yoga is definitely good with getting me to stretch and relax, I'm also supposed to be doing other exercises for childbirth class and doing a bit more physical activity. So I've started doing the exercises, and now that it's still light out after work because of the time change, I'm starting to go with Ryan on his evening walks. That hasn't gone too well so far - apparently I haven't figured out how to carry the extra weight for any length of time while being active, so my back was killing me after the walk yesterday. Tonight I realized that it was probably because I wasn't holding in my stomach (to firm my core and support my back, as I was taught in physical therapy years ago), so it really shouldn't be that surprising that my back was hurting since I've got more weight in my belly now and I wasn't supporting my back at all. That was a good lesson to learn, so now I'm trying to straighten out my back and hold in my belly again (which is so hard right now!), and the walk tonight went much better.

I feel like I look noticeably thicker this week - possibly because of being closer to the camera for this week's picture, or maybe due to the two pounds I gained this week (after only gaining two pounds total over the previous six weeks). I would like to blame that on all the food I ate at a work dinner on Friday and some poor eating decisions this weekend (a delicious caramel apple shake and a not so delicious dinner of fried everything), but unfortunately, the weekly weigh-in was before the weekend eating extravaganza began. Ah well. This week was also what we dubbed the "Weight Eclipse Date", which is when Ryan's and my weight intersected (as he attempts to lose as much weight as I gain). We picked an eclipse date about a month ago, and Ryan guessed 3/9 and I guessed 3/23 - and since it ended up being 3/9, Ryan won fair and square on this one :)
23-24 week comparison

We also continued with home renovations this week with an impromptu dishwasher replacement. The old dishwasher leaked earlier in the week, which seemed to give us the motivation needed to finally replace it (I had been frustrated with it since we moved in almost 3 years ago since it didn't exactly clean the dishes). So instead of just replacing the hose, we ended up getting a new (to us) dishwasher and having someone pick up the old dishwasher off our front step, all thanks to craigslist :) Ryan also replaced the faux drawers under the sink with something slightly more functional, and spent a bunch of time getting the wonky drawers and cabinets doors straightened out.

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