Monday, March 28, 2011

26 weeks

Now that I've consulted Dr. Google a bit more, I think the abdominal tightness from last week is not actually Braxton-Hicks, but is instead just some plain, old... abdominal tightness. Apparently that can be common when exercising, etc., and several people recommended using a girdle to support the belly, which is actually what the midwives recommended to me too. I imagine adding yet another layer of material over my belly once it gets warmer is not going to be that comfortable, so I'd rather figure out a way to deal with this that doesn't involve a girdle/prenatal cradle/whatever you'd like to call it. Turns out deep breathing and not arching my back works like a charm :)

This was the last week of my current prenatal yoga class, and while I really enjoyed the classes I was taking, since that instructor is taking the next session off and the other prenatal instructor's classes seem to involve more talking than actual yoga, I'm going to try out another studio in the area next week. This other one has a more flexible schedule too, since I would be purchasing 10 classes at a time vs. signing up for a 12-week session... which was a concern since the last class of the session would've been a day before my due date - getting close! :)

Anyway, so every class ends with relaxation pose (savasana), which is basically when I lay in the most comfortable position ever on a stack of blankets and the instructor leads us through meditation/relaxation. This is the part I used to sleep through for every class, but managed so far to stay awake for prenatal yoga classes since I thought it was important to try to glean some techniques for relaxing, which I've been able to carry over for some of the relaxation stuff we do for childbirth classes too. This week I very nearly fell asleep in class, though, so that I ended up in that strange hazy, dream-state right before falling asleep. The baby decided to pick that moment to work on its kickboxing, so I had a rather trippy experience of being nearly asleep with my stomach moving from side to side since the baby was mainly kicking to the right like normal, and also having a rather realistic dream about running through a field of broccoli the height of corn.

25-26 week comparison

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