Monday, May 2, 2011

31 weeks

This week we made some good progress on the nursery. We had started to move my office stuff out of the nursery and into either Ryan's office or into the basement a couple of weeks ago, and then this week we started putting together furniture. So far we have the dresser/changing table and bookshelf together, but when we opened the box to start putting together the crib, we realized that Penney's had given us the wrong color... and possibly the wrong piece of furniture, since the pieces didn't even look crib-like. So of course they no longer sell the crib we wanted, but I was able to order a similar enough crib from elsewhere that will hopefully be here in a couple of weeks. It was pretty easy to find a replacement, but it's more just the pain of having to try to wrap up the non-crib again and get it back to Penney's (which had been more painful than it should have been anyway to even pick it up from there in the first place), and then wait for the new crib and hope that that one's ok... oh well. At least we still have enough time to get all of this straightened out, and at least we figured this out a week before the return period ended :)

This week was also notable since I noticed the baby having hiccups for the first time! I had a very confusing morning on Friday, where I managed to smash my head on the headboard getting back into bed after a bathroom break. As I was trying to recover from that, I realized the baby was being pretty active so I decided to see if I could take care of the kick counts for the day then. After counting about three movements, the movements suddenly started to get very consistent and rhythmic... and I realized the baby must have had the hiccups :) Luckily I found it more cute than completely annoying like when I have the hiccups - especially since I was able to sleep through the baby's hiccups more easily than I can sleep through my own.

Here's the comparison picture for this week - it's probably stating the obvious, but I think I've grown... I suspect that will continue to happen for the next couple of months ;)
30-31 week comparison

And here's some pictures from St. Croix - it only took me a month to get these up on Flickr :) The full set is at the "Pictures" link to the upper right.

Here's the view flying in to St. Croix. This was a momentous trip for me since it was the first time I had flown without taking any motion sickness drugs in over a decade :) Even though the midwives told me Bonine was fine, I just didn't feel comfortable taking it while pregnant, so I put on my trusty Sea-Bands and hoped for the best. Except for a few sketchy patches of turbulence, I did really well - although it made me very nervous and I will be going right back to the Bonine once the baby's out.

This was the sunset from our first night there, at the seaplane base down the boardwalk from our hotel.

Ryan at Point Udall, considered the most easternmost part of the U.S.

Sunset driving back from Point Udall, with Buck Island off in the distance to the right... that's supposedly where the best snorkeling is, but we didn't want to push our luck with the motion sickness situation by taking an hour+ ferry ride each way.

This is where we spent our first and last day on St. Croix - the beach at Hotel on the Cay.

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