Thursday, May 12, 2011

32w4d Ultrasound

I had appointments with the high risk doctor and midwives this week. This should be the second-to-last ultrasound I have with the high risk doctor, with one more appointment scheduled for mid-June. Their main concern is if the baby is being restricted in its growth at all, and that appears not to be the case. At all. The baby had been measuring about a week ahead, and now it's about two weeks ahead :) That's of course if we were to trust the ultrasound measurement, which can be a pound or two off, but either way, at least the baby isn't measuring small. So it was in the 88th percentile overall, about 5lbs11oz, and should gain about half a pound a week until delivery. There appeared to be more hair this time, but the tech wasn't able to get very good pictures during the ultrasound since the baby was facing away. She did give me a couple of pictures but I didn't even bother scanning them yet, since if any of the previous pictures were difficult to tell what they were of, I suspect these pictures of the baby's foot and ear may prove even more troublesome :)

So the high risk doctor was on Tuesday, and then the midwives were on Wednesday. Everything checked out great there too - my blood pressure is still very good and consistent across the appointments, so even though my feet and legs are getting quite swollen, it's still not of concern since my blood pressure is good and I don't have any other symptoms of pre-eclampsia. The baby is still head-down, and I'm pretty sure it kicked at the midwife when she went to listen to the heartbeat - I think the baby is very protective of its personal space, since it definitely likes to kick my arm too whenever I dare rest it on my belly :)

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