Saturday, July 2, 2011

40 weeks

40 weeks! Actually, 40 weeks and 1 day as I write this, so I am officially "overdue". Which is fine - the baby will come in its own time, although I really hope it's towards the beginning or middle of next week so that I don't start worrying too much about being induced, which has now been scheduled for 7/12. At my appointment with the midwives this week, they didn't think I'd make it to my next appointment anyway (on 7/7), so hopefully they're right! I was only 1cm dilated on Tuesday, but there were some other signs that indicate my body is gearing up for labor... which I was pretty excited about at first, until I realized that that just makes sense, given how far along I am in this pregnancy. I could interpret just about anything as a sign of impending labor (back pain, losing a couple of pounds, the swelling in my feet/legs going down somewhat, etc.), which is exactly what I have been doing :)

This week we wrapped up quite a few loose ends and prepared for essentially being shut-ins for the next couple of months - cleaning, finishing some books and other research, yet more laundering of baby things, gardening, eating at some favorite restaurants, etc. We also met with a couple of day care providers, liked one of them and really, really liked the other, so we should have that all set next week once we call the second one and work out the contract and deposit. I also got everything transitioned and wrapped up at work as much as possible - my replacement and I spent yesterday preparing as if it were my last day and then we'll just consider any time I'm able to go in next week as bonus, but I'm about ready to be done at work now. I'll keep working next week if I haven't had the baby yet, since I'd prefer to be at work rather than sitting at home analyzing every ache or twinge, but it's also a little nerve-wracking to just have to hope that my water doesn't break at work!

So here's this week's comparison picture:
39-40 week comparison

I also did a comparison from the first belly picture to the beginning of second and third trimester, to 40 weeks. Clearly, most of the growth/excitement happened during third trimester :)
5-14-28-40 week comparison

Ryan also took a video of the baby moving, and has peer pressured me into posting it here. So here you go:

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  1. I talked to my neighbor about day care and they said they could work something out, let me know if you're still interested.