Monday, June 27, 2011

39 weeks

We accomplished two big things this week: the nursery is done, and the hospital bag packed (or, as packed as it's going to get until I'm actually in labor). Here's a couple of pictures of the nursery, and then the infamous crib (that's missing from the nursery) can be seen in the background of this week's comparison picture:


I'm still feeling pretty good this week, and continuing to stay active with walking, swimming, and yoga, although I'm starting to feel like I'm dragging a little bit now. I've been more tired the last week (despite my attempts to sleep in or nap, neither of which worked), and I've also noticed that I'm markedly more hungry and thirsty than normal. The baby has been moving around mostly at night lately and also switched sides again (leading to my briefly having a triangular belly, so weird), so hopefully it will settle into the optimal position of its back to my stomach soon enough.

I met with the same midwife this week as I did last week, and she said it sounded like "a very good plan" when I confirmed with her that Ryan and I decided we would like to waive the recommendation that I not be allowed to go past 40 weeks, and instead will just wait to see when the baby decides it will come on its own. They will want to induce me if I haven't gone into labor by 41 weeks 4 days, but at least that gives us another week and a half for the baby to make its appearance on its own time. So although my estimated due date is July 1st, the actual cutoff is July 12th, so really, we have potentially up to two more weeks before the baby comes. We'll see :)

38-39 week comparison

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  1. Thanks for the pic of the nursery, it looks great :smile: