Tuesday, June 14, 2011

37 weeks

This week I had my final appointment with the high risk doctor - and final ultrasound - and an appointment with the midwives. The ultrasound was fine, and again the doctor didn't even come in to review the results, which is a good thing when the main concern they're checking for is if the baby's growth is restricted. Which it's still not :) The baby was still measuring over a week ahead, and looked to be around 7lbs 15oz.

The appointment with the midwives also went fine - my belly was measuring about a week and a half ahead as well, the baby's heartbeat was good, and they confirmed that my last test for Group B Strep was negative. I guess the antibiotics worked then, and I've been taking some heavy duty probiotics too to try to keep the bad bacteria away, although I'm still going to be treated as GBS positive at the hospital and will have to have the IV antibiotics regardless during labor. We only got a couple of profile ultrasound pictures of the baby this time, since it's so squished in there now that the ultrasound tech was having troubles getting the baby into the right position to be measured. But we did get the image below of the baby sticking its tongue out:

We also had our second and final prenatal appointment with our doula this past weekend. We went through some remaining questions about labor and delivery, discussed some possible relaxation techniques and positions, and some hospital prep (like, maybe I should pack my hospital bag). It was a little unnerving/exhilarating to realize that the next time we see Jen will be when I'm in labor, sometime within the next 5 weeks!

36-37 week comparison

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