Tuesday, June 7, 2011

36 weeks

The crib saga appears to be over. The manufacturer sent a new leg to replace the one that the screw wouldn't go in on all the way, but then the screw still didn't work properly, and then the wood dowels turned out to be too small so they weren't exactly holding anything together either. Ryan got the crib put together with some washers and wood glue, though, and we should still be able to convert the crib into a toddler and full size bed, so we're calling it good. This was not a good experience though (and apparently is pretty typical with cribs in general, according to online reviews and the good people at Lowes), and really solidified our decision to buy most of our furniture from Ikea - the furniture from there may not last forever, but at least we've never had problems like this putting any of it together (and we've had plenty of practice at it!).

It's now June, and it's definitely gotten warmer out (upper 90s a few times over the past week or two). I'm still coping fine, although we're having to take our walks a little bit later in the evenings since I don't do so well walking a couple miles when it's over 90 degrees out, apparently :) I've also noticed that my hands and feet are sore when I get up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break, to where it feels like I'm walking on pins and needles, and last week I had that during the day a couple of times too, which wasn't great. My feet have also expanded more, since my shoes aren't fitting lengthwise now either, but hopefully they'll last for a few more weeks.

This week also marked the first time that the baby pushed against both sides of my belly at once, which was a different experience than usual. Normally I just feel movement on the right side of my belly, and the movements have definitely gotten more subtle recently (more repositioning and slow movements now rather than abrupt movements and kicks), but this week the baby was pushing against the left side too and was continuously active for maybe half an hour - this was after Ryan complained about not feeling the baby enough, which the baby apparently took as a challenge :)

I also had a dream this weekend that I had a girl and Ryan named her Clara Lee S. (which isn't even a name we had considered) - there were many other weird parts to the dream (involving having amnesia for all of labor and delivery, and then following up delivering in the morning with a swimming competition in the afternoon), but the part that stuck with me the most was how sad I was after delivery that I could no longer feel the baby moving around in my belly. I think I've been doing very well with enjoying this pregnancy and not taking it for granted (once I got through the mental torture of first trimester), but that helped to point out that I may have gotten too used to feeling the baby move, since I'm almost treating it like normal now instead of something that I'm not going to be experiencing anymore in about 4 more weeks. So now that it's becoming more real that the countdown to delivery really is on, I need to focus on wringing out every bit of enjoyment I can from the last few weeks of this pregnancy - it really has been an amazing, magical time and I'm so glad I got to experience it, especially since it wasn't that long ago that I wasn't sure I ever would.

35-36 week comparison

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