Wednesday, February 15, 2012

31 Weeks

This was another rough week. Josie was still pretty fussy for most of the week, and given that the other little baby at daycare was having a particularly tough time this week (he has pretty bad reflux), I have a feeling our daycare providers were just counting down towards the weekend too. Josie continued to have problems sleeping and woke up crying and upset more often than not, and every night was a game of musical sleeping locations - nursing down in bed, moving her to her crib, Josie waking almost exactly 1.5 hours later each night and then sleeping on me, back in the crib, sleeping on Ryan when she would wake up next, nursing, attempting to put her back in her crib (assuming she fell asleep nursing) or leaving her in bed, and then eventually either just leaving her in bed the rest of the night or putting her in her swing. She seems to sleep just fine in bed or in the swing so we probably should be going to those options sooner, but I've been trying to limit how much time she's been sleeping in either, since the swing just doesn't seem that comfortable to sleep in for close to 12 hours, and I tend to not sleep as well if she's in bed with us.

Josie continued to have a low grade fever for most of the week, with it finally going back down to normal on Thursday, and Friday she was acting just about normal as well... but had no teeth to show for it. So now I'm not as sure if this was all due to teething or if she had some other illness instead. I have a feeling we'll get to go through all this again before she finally cuts her first tooth, but hopefully she'll prove me wrong ;)

So in addition to feeling quite sleep deprived, I had a pretty rough week at work too, so we were definitely ready for the weekend - especially since Josie was feeling more like herself by then. We met up with some friends at a brewery on Saturday, and Josie did very well as we enjoyed a leisurely lunch and she occupied herself with a couple of green beans.

Josie has taken up a new habit of imperiously reaching out for whatever it is she would like to touch next, and (for the most part) patiently awaiting it to be placed in her vicinity or for us to bring her to the object. This is both adorable and a little exasperating, since she wants to touch (i.e., gnaw on) just about everything. So now she spends a good part of her day with her arm outstretched, waiting for us to comply (although sometimes we don't grant her request - mainly when it involves the table, banister, and other things that really just don't need to go in her mouth).

Josie has also started doing something that I consider as quintessentially "baby": hitting the table at mealtimes. So eating out hasn't been as easy as it had been, now that Josie is more aware of what food is. She used to just hang out in her car seat for the most part unless she was fussing, and then one of us would hold her while we ate, but now she's into everything and it's an exercise of trying to be one step ahead of her as she grabs our food, plates, silverware, napkins, full glasses, etc.

We tried a few new foods with her this week, and cantaloupe seemed to be a hit, as well as, paradoxically, lemon. Poor thing gnawed on a lemon slice for a few moments before her eyes started watering and she began drooling more. She made a terrible face as the sourness seemed to hit her... but then still went back for more.
[Chewing on some cantaloupe]

Josie is still improving at sitting up, and can sit up for a lot longer now with assistance, and for increasing lengths of time on her own. She's able to correct herself more and more, and has even been steady enough to start playing with her toys while sitting up. She still seems fairly content with staying wherever we place her, since she is rolling much more consistently now, but she doesn't seem that motivated to actually try to go anywhere (yet).
[She makes this face all the time now: this is what babbling looks like in a picture]

As a side note, see the bottles in the background of the last picture? Lifefactory has generously given us several bottles and other baby goods through Ryan's Uncle Scott, and it looks like they just solved one of our problems for us - as Josie gets more independent, she's likely going to start insisting that she holds her bottles herself (rather than just assisting as she does now), and I was a bit worried about how many were going to break when she dropped them. There are silicone sleeves that are sold for the Born Free bottles we have been using, but the ones specifically made by Born Free don't appear to be available in the U.S. and the other silicone sleeves I've found that would fit are nearly as expensive as the bottles themselves. Enter Lifefactory, who gave us both the glass bottles and sleeves! We should have enough now to fully transition over to using only Lifefactory bottles, which is great - they seem to make a really good product, and they look good too: it still amuses me how many compliments I get on my own Lifefactory water bottle.

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[Hanging out with her friends the burp cloths]
[Another mid-babbling picture]

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