Tuesday, February 28, 2012

33 Weeks

First, some non-baby news: the rental house is now sold! After some last-minute drama, Ryan went to closing on it on Friday, and so we are now a one-mortgage family again (down from a high of three, when we were still living in my condo right after we got married). I'm a little bit sad about it - there are so many memories tied up with that house since that's where Ryan lived when we first started dating, but it's also good - and a relief - to simplify our lives a bit. We're still waiting on some stuff for the next phase of our housing plan, so hopefully we'll know what direction we'll be going in soon.

We're now a couple weeks into our bed-sharing experiment, and it's amazing what a difference it makes to actually be getting decent sleep again. It's so nice to not wake up completely exhausted each morning, and Josie's mood has gotten better too - although I know that's hard to believe, given how happy she is normally ;) But last week she was happy almost to the point of delirium, which has been pretty funny. And based on the research I had done, I was expecting to be woken up more since bed-sharing tends to lead to more - and longer - nursing sessions, but instead Josie has been holding pretty steady now with only two wakeups a night, and has even pushed the first one back a few times (normally it's around 2:30am, but this morning it was closer to 4am).

I'm pretty sure Josie could have a promising future as a dentist, given her fascination with our mouths and teeth lately. She's poking and prodding around in our mouths a lot more, and even almost put herself to sleep scratching one of my teeth (odd, but I let her do it in part to see if that would put her to sleep). She is also helping out more with her clothes - at least with her arms. She'll now pull her arms out or push them through her sleeves, although she still spends most of her time kicking and so she's not too much help yet with her pants or socks. Also, I believe I captured the exact moment when she became aware that she's wearing clothes in the next video (in between her getting distracted by her hands):

We also pulled out more of her blocks to play with, now that she's able to sit up on her own more and play with her toys at the same time. She's not too good with building anything yet, but she's got knocking things down and taste-testing them down pat ;)

Another fun bit from last week was the green bean game - which I believe is the first game she has initiated (assuming you don't count the "fake laughing conversation" game). The green bean game occurred when I gave her a green bean for dinner that was a bit too crisp for her to gum too effectively (oh! and she "chews" her food now - at least as much as she can without any teeth - rather than just mushing it against the roof of her mouth). She ended up pulling it out of her mouth in frustration, and the green bean squeaked against her gums. I giggled, she seemed amused, and then she did it again. And again, and again, and again... each time with us both laughing harder. I think this also marked the first time we laughed at something together - normally we laugh at her or she laughs at us, but we hadn't really connected before on finding something else that we both found funny.

And finally, some good news for Josie and me is that it appears that she's not as sensitive to the foods I'm eating now, so I've started to ease back on my dietary restrictions. I'm still trying to limit dairy (the milkshake I had the other week notwithstanding) and other foods that I'm almost positive she reacted to before (soy, strawberries, asparagus), but I'm starting to eat some other foods again that I had been avoiding and it doesn't seem like she's having any problems with it. So who knows, maybe I'll even stop updating the food log I had been keeping to track what I ate and if she seemed to react to it (which yields up such useful information as what I had for lunch on Thursday, October 13, 2011: chicken cordon bleu, dirty rice, green beans, sweet potatoes (w/ butter and brown sugar), apple).

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[Just lounging around, chewing on some blocks]

[Babbling and chewing on her toes]

[She's fascinated by running water]

[She also seemed fascinated by the writing on Ryan's shirt]

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