Tuesday, March 6, 2012

34 Weeks

This week Josie at least was fairly healthy, while I took almost a full week to recover from my second bout with a stomach bug this winter (after only having had a stomach bug once before in my life). Josie was able to get two more shots yesterday, so we just have one more trip back to the pediatrician in a couple of weeks for another couple of shots, and then she'll finally be caught up on all her vaccines that she had gotten behind on while she was sick a few months back... just in time for the next round of shots :) She's also now up to 22lbs 8oz, and is learning the joys of prune juice since solids seem to be causing some disruption with her digestive system.

My guess is that Josie is going to skip crawling and go straight to walking, since she seems pretty uninterested in crawling at this point and prefers standing over sitting now too. She stood for the first time putting all her weight on her legs this weekend - she had been standing with us supporting her or leaning her against us, but she was able to stand for a few seconds holding onto furniture for support :)

Josie had a bit of a weird week with tiredness after daycare... she's usually happy each day, but then her tiredness seems to hit her when she gets home, so it's usually a fine line between happy and crying while Ryan gets her ready for bed and I eat dinner. The problem is that if she tips the scale into crying, she tends to go into full on meltdown mode, crying and wailing and only settling down if I nurse her. On Wednesday, I could hear her crying upstairs as Ryan was getting her changed, and then she started to get more quiet... and then silence. Here is where Josie spent 45 minutes of her life Wednesday evening:

We finally got her to bed as she was stirring between sleep cycles, but that was definitely a first. And then the next day, she fell asleep on Ryan as soon as we got home at 6pm, and she was completely knocked out on him for the next two hours. Poor thing :(

We finally attempted to go to one of our favorite restaurants last weekend, which went really well. We hadn't eaten there since before Josie was born since their service tends to be pretty slow, but the food is fantastic and Ryan had a hankering, so we decided to risk it. We tend to eat out at odd hours to try to reduce wait times (and the number of people who may not have the same appreciation for Josie's vocalizations as we do), and apparently 5:30pm was a good time to go since there was hardly anyone else there and the service was quick. Josie also seemed to enjoy it, and she tried out some rice and Asian pumpkin.
[Waiting with bated breath for some food]
[She was actually eating some too, not just wearing it]

So, we have an ongoing issue with Miss Josie, known as her hair. Bits and pieces of it are getting longer - some even flipping up over her ears now - and it looks like it will be wavy, which is cute and good.

What is not cute and good is the tendency for her hair to look like a bad wig, or the dreads she gets in the back from rubbing her head back and forth. While I guess it's good that she only had a bald spot for a little while from rubbing her head, the alternative seems to be the rat's nest that shows up on the back of her head every morning.
[Minutes after her last hair washing]
[~12 hours after her last hair washing]
[~24 hours after her last hair washing = rat's nest complete]

I brush it out every morning, we condition it, I've put coconut oil in it, and yet the rat's nest comes back every day. Daycare suggested cutting it off, but I'm hoping once she's even more active that her hair will have a chance to grow out and then we can cut off the damaged part without having to give her a reverse mullet to do so.

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[Josie's newly-developed skill of pointing that she likes to show off all the time now]
[Enjoying our Starbucks - outside! In March!]
[Several pictures were like this from last week - she's becoming quite the wiggleworm]

[Sharing her thoughts on Starbucks]

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  1. Stacey,
    Josie is so cute!!! :mrgreen: But you could just change the name of the site to Josietopia, or Josieville, or something... but I love it! SO adorable!