Tuesday, March 13, 2012

35 Weeks

First off, Ryan wanted me to note that Josie threw up in his mouth this week. This was apparently a traumatizing enough event that it needed to be shared :) He had been tossing her around right after she had had a meal and when they were laughing, inches from each other's faces, she managed to share some spit up with him. She had gotten close before (which usually makes me laugh hysterically, at least), but this was the first time she had actually made a goal, if you will ;)

Moving onto less gross topics, Josie is either starting to enjoy solids more, or we just happened to hit upon some favorites so far. After being a bit lackluster about eating some of the (awesome) multi-grain cereal Ryan cooks up each week for my breakfast, she was decidedly more into it this weekend, with the addition of some milk and banana. Usually, I was measuring how much she seemed to like a food based on how much she cried when she dropped it, but this was the first time that she seemed excited and happy about food - kicking (always with the kicking), flailing her arms, and making her "heh-heh" and "mmm-mmm!" sounds all seem to indicate she was a fan :) She also apparently loves blueberries, since Ryan made the mistake of giving her one last night, and then watched as half of his blueberries went to her belly instead of his.
[Helping clean up]
[Apparently, watching Ryan use the blender requires one hand to remain upraised at all times...]
[...and there's the other one]

I'll have to apologize to Josie for this later (especially if her friends exploit it the way mine have), but while Josie may have gotten Ryan's cute little ears and my dad's blonde hair flecked with gold, I'm starting to think she got my penchant for goofy facial expressions:

For development this week, she continues to prefer standing over sitting or lying down, since she apparently has lost the ability to bend anymore. We try to get her to sit down, and she locks her knees now so it's like trying to bend a piece of wood. Josie also is initiating silliness more now, which is great. She put her mouth on my cheek and nose last week and then did her "heh-heh" laugh that normally has something to do with food, and then giggled. I'm still not sure what exactly she was doing, but she found it funny, so I did too :)

After a couple weeks of not being too talkative, the babbling is back with a vengeance. She interrupts nursing to babble at the wall, she babbles in her sleep, and babbles immediately upon waking (before her eyes are even open, sometimes). She has also added a new letter, one that I especially like: "m".

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[Sometimes you just need to put on a pink frilly dress to keep Grammy happy ;)]

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  1. And Grammy appreciates it! (the cute pink frilly dress)