Wednesday, March 21, 2012

36 Weeks

This week was another fun one in terms of development... but not in terms of sleep, since Josie slept weird all week - waking up more frequently at the beginning of the night, being more difficult to get to sleep to begin with, etc. I blame the time change.

Anyway, last weekend was the first clear example of Josie learning - and doing - from watching someone else. Ryan hit two of her blocks together, she was captivated by the noise, and she then picked up the blocks he handed to her and promptly hit them together herself.

She also, rather adorably, started shaking her head "no"... although I definitely don't think she's doing that to mean "no" yet, especially since we rarely shake our heads at her when we tell her no. Mainly, I shake my head at her ruefully when I ask her what in the world she's doing or tell her she's a crazy baby ;)

Josie continued with her main three sounds/"words" (mamamamamamom, ded-ded-ded-ded-DAD, bob-bob-bob-bob), and also made a few "bla-la-la" sounds and an "n" sound a couple of times, so it looks like she may be gearing up to expand her repertoire again. She also is getting pretty good with her pincer grip, and was able to pick up blueberries and a grain of farrow (although she would usually drop it before actually getting it to her mouth since she would open her hand to examine it first). She also helps Ryan with the night-time routine by turning off the light switch for him :)

This week also marked the first time in her entire life that Josie was put to bed by someone else other than me (thanks, Mom!). Ryan and I went out for a dinner with friends on St. Patrick's Day, and we all survived, so maybe we'll even try it again someday ;)

We also started putting Josie in 12-month nightclothes, which I insist on calling her "big girl jammies" although they're still really just baby jammies (but bigger and with nubbins on the feet). Ah well. The problem with the 12-month sleepers is that the fit is different now - there seems to be two options: "snug fit" cotton sleepers or looser fit polyester flame-resistant sleepers. I would prefer to have her in all cotton, but it seems we don't have much of a choice: poor kid has such chubby legs that there is zero chance we can stuff her into most of the snug fit sleepers. So I've been spending an inordinate amount of time shopping for the loosest fit cotton sleepers I can find, and I just ordered some 12-mo and 18-mo sleepers (in both materials) since 12-mo clothes aren't nearly as big on her as they were even a few weeks ago.
[Big girl jammies! And my phone...]
[...that she licked...]
[...chewed on...]
[...and typed on.]

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[She was more excited to chew on her mat than on the cucumbers we gave her]
[She rolled herself all the way over to the coffee table, snagged a magazine, and then proceeded to "read"/gurgle at it...]
[...before taste-testing it and tearing off the outside cover. Go destructo-baby!]

Ryan's latest compilation video, and one of my favorites so far (although I say that with each new one he puts together). This one has Josie doing the following:
  • shaking her head no

  • hitting her blocks together

  • saying "dada"

  • making the "t" sound

  • riding on Ryan's shoulders for the first time (and eating his hair)

  • eating a blueberry with her pincer-grip

  • having one of our first laughing conversations

  • eating lettuce

  • squealing at herself on the video chat

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