Tuesday, March 27, 2012

37 Weeks

We did all sorts of fun stuff with Josie this week - and now that it seems Josie is getting it more that she can mimic - and even initiate - the sounds we make and games we play with her, I expect that this trend will continue :) So this week she started to get the whole "peek-a-boo" concept better, laughing more when we magically reappear rather than just giving her "I'm not amused" look like she used to... and then she started covering her head with burpcloths/blankets and pulling them off herself :)

Josie is also playing the "let's throw things on the floor" game, so it's funny to see the wheels turn in her head as she picks something up, considers it, and then tosses it away to see how quickly it will magically be returned to her. We played this game with her ball too... I would roll it to her, she would pick it up and chuck it over the other side of her leg, and then watch with rapt attention while I collected it and rolled it back to her.

The problem with all of these rapid changes is that I can't handle them. I was just recovering from the cuteness that is Josie shaking her head "no" when she started in with clapping.... who knew how adorable the sound of little baby hand claps is? This is a part of parenthood that I just wasn't prepared for - I knew enough about babies conceptually to be relatively prepared (e.g., that babies didn't sleep too much, needed to be fed and changed, and would eventually crawl and walk, etc.), but for some reason I never contemplated what it really meant to witness someone seeing, learning, or doing something new for the very first time. The amount of enjoyment I get out of seeing Josie's delight with new sounds and games is both unexpected and completely awesome...except when I tear up from not being able to handle the cuteness ;)

This week also marked the first (sanctioned) time Josie got solids at daycare. Poor thing has been having some pretty bad constipation, so we've been giving her some flax oil in her cereal to hopefully help things along, so she got to have some cereal, milk, and flax oil a couple of times last week (along with copious amounts of prune juice). We're still giving her solids for dinner during the week and for most of our meals on the weekends, and the plan currently is to have daycare start giving her more solids once she's 9 months old, since we have been trying to give her a chance to increase her skills in feeding herself and so we can be more careful in introducing foods slowly, given the food sensitivities she had before.

Another first I'm slightly less excited about is that she undid her diaper for the first time. No disaster ensued, but it makes me realize that that's an added benefit for our diapers that have snaps for the closures rather than velcro.

Josie also is able to walk more with assistance. Ryan had been "walking" with her for a while, but it would usually consist of her giggling with her feet dragging as he transported her from one room to another. Lo and behold, last week she started stepping as he did this, which is, of course, adorable.

I was taking pictures of Josie's hair last weekend so I could document a phenomenon I like to call "armpit hair" (which is the bouffant hairdo most often seen after she has a restless night of sleep and ends up sleeping nestled in my armpit), so I took a bunch of pictures of her fluffy hair only for Ryan to tell me he had just washed it. So apparently there is less difference than I realized between her freshly-washed fluffy hair and armpit hair. Oops.

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[Watching some Curious George]
[Winner of the awkward sleeping position for the week]

[Ryan messing with her and Josie getting her revenge]

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