Wednesday, April 18, 2012

40 Weeks

40 weeks – if Josie had come on her due date, she would now be an outside baby longer than an inside baby, but as it is, we have a few more days before that happens :) But Josie is now 9 months old, and we only have 12 weeks left before three rather important milestones: Josie’s first birthday, and meeting my goals of nursing for a year and writing weekly updates through her first birthday. And truth be told, I’m looking forward more to taking a break from the weekly updates than I am weaning - I'm going to miss all the sweet moments I've had cuddled up with her (and the relatively surefire way of getting her to sleep), although I suspect I will keep updating the blog, but probably just not as frequently since it's been a bit difficult to keep up with with work, baby, etc. I am glad that I have so much of her first year documented though, since memories can fade so quickly and there are so many things from this first year with Josie that I want to remember.

We had our first visit to the pediatrician in about 9 months where Josie actually wasn’t sick and didn’t get any shots. She is now 29” tall (90th percentile), 23 lbs 4.5oz (98th percentile), and her head circumference is 18 1/2” (98th percentile). The doctor seemed a little concerned that Josie isn’t really crawling yet, although I suspect it’s mainly because she hasn’t had as much opportunity as she maybe could have to practice – our furniture isn’t exactly convenient for her to pull herself up on, and she’s not currently in a crib to practice pulling up on that either. I think Josie is definitely getting more mobile though, as she's rolling all over the place now (even at night), and even crawled forward a bit at daycare, although she still has only gone backwards for us at home. She also went from sitting to laying down on her own, which probably doesn't seem to be that big of a deal, but I was excited that she's figuring out that she's able to make some decisions about where she would like to be and how she would like to get there.
[Rolling around in the space where the coffee table used to be - now it's been turned into the staging area for Josie's rolling and standing endeavors]

Josie's walking has gotten a bit more steady, although she's still not too great at standing on her own (she's up to maybe half a second of standing unsupported before she topples over), and she's not too keen to walk along the furniture yet either... even with the incentive of food at the end.
[Trying to get a hold of Ryan's grapes]

Speaking of food, based on her rather voracious appetite lately, I think Josie may have just gone through another growth spurt. She's also moved up to 18-mo clothes already, since she's outgrown most of her 12-mo wardrobe. But she’s still having about as much to eat during the day, but seems to be more hungry at night, with a few nights of her just plowing through whatever solids we put in front of her. When we went out for kabobs last weekend, she had sweet potato and grapes (what we had brought with us), and then we ran out of those, so we ended up giving her some cucumbers and beets from the restaurant (along with nearly having some of Ryan’s super-spicy food, which she is remarkably quick at grabbing). And all this without any teeth yet! It seemed like she might have had a drool rash last week, which can happen during teething, so I got my hopes up a bit... but it's a week later, and there's no rash anymore and still no teeth. She did drink out of a straw without any problems last week, which is good - she didn't really seem to take to her sippy cups, and while she's certainly enthusiastic about drinking from an open cup, her technique isn't the greatest and she would usually just end up wearing whatever it was she was attempting to drink.

Last week also marked the first time I had to tell Josie "no" - and meant it. Too bad we've been laughing and making a game out of it each time she shakes her head no (it's so cute!), so rather predictably, when I told her no, she shook her head and giggled at me. What was the awful thing she was doing that prompted me to (attempt to) deny Josie her fun? She was unvelcroing one side of her diaper as fast as I was able to velcro the other side, so after a few rounds of that, I ended up basically laying on her to block her hands... and I'm starting to rethink my preference for our diapers with velcro closures rather than snaps. But look how cute she is with her little baby hand claps, sleepy eye (and ear?), and head shaking!

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[21st century remote control]
[Guarding the GoogleTV remote to make sure Ryan didn't change the show we were watching (or take away her chewtoy)]
[Josie's waiting spot while we get all her stuff ready in the mornings]
[Looking for Ryan]

[Showing off her chubby legs and making cute little baby noises]

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