Wednesday, June 6, 2012

47 Weeks

This week, Josie has gotten more helpful (in her own way), and more mischievous. She has been handing stuff to us (mainly so we can hand it back to her) more and more, which is still super cute now, but I can see where this may lose its novelty soon enough ;)

She also "helped" me fold laundry - that is, she grabbed whatever it was that I was folding, threw it over the side of the couch, and then pulled herself over to admire her efforts.

Josie is finally making some forward movement now - not exactly crawling, but she's scooting herself around a bit more now, when properly motivated. She was able to pull herself over to Ryan last weekend... it was slow, pain-staking progress, but she eventually made it to him, with her reward being her first spicy food: General Tso's chicken.

All of these shenanigans culminated in this:
[Told you she was a trouble-maker - getting patted down]

Josie continues to just be delighted by life... for the most part. She has been a bit more difficult at night again, no longer always falling asleep after nursing, which has led to some creative thinking on my part to get her back to sleep (never an easy thing when it's the early-hours of the morning and I'm tired). She also has been waking up anywhere from 30 minutes to more than an hour earlier than normal... which means Ryan has ended up taking her on his morning walk so I can get ready for work in peace. The only problem is Josie weighs quite a bit, so the extra weight has been slowing down/wearing Ryan out too. So we're both running a bit low again right now.... but then she does adorable things like this, which makes everything seem better :)

[Lip-smacking and giggles]

So this week Josie's hair finally got long enough (and got in her eyes enough) that we actually did something about it. We're not really big ribbons and girly froufrou sort of people, so this is kind of a big deal for us :) So we caved, and Josie now wears... barrettes. I know. It's a big step. I think it makes her look a bit older, especially once I saw the series of pictures I took below. I think these are notable not only because Josie looks older, but she also looks like a completely different baby in each of them, although they were taken right in a row with the only difference being that I used flash for the first one.

And here's a minute in the life of Josie: noise-making, clapping, giggling, getting distracted by her hands, strategizing and then executing her plan to eat an infinitesimal amount of food that was on her hand (while ensuring her lower lip was stuck out at the appropriate distance), and then capped off with some waving :)

Miscellaneous cuteness:

[I included this video almost entirely due to Josie's facial expressions when Ryan is drumming on her head]
[This is the scene I walked into last week - Josie had grabbed her books on her own and was studiously "reading" two at once :)]
[After a belated birthday/Mother's Day lunch with my mom, brother, and his girlfriend (now fiancee!)]

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