Tuesday, June 19, 2012

49 Weeks

This was another sick week for Josie (and me, naturally) - we both recovered from hand, foot, and mouth disease, but then came down with another cold. So she has been coughing and congested all week (I just have a sore throat so far), but at least she's mostly back to her usual happy self, just with a little bit more fussiness than usual. Although that could also be attributed to her teething - one of her top teeth has cut through now, so she's still working on another top tooth, and the possibly another one on the bottom too.
[This is apparently what happens when we're all home for a sick day - laundry basket rides!]

After how much she liked shaking around the tictac container last week, we tried to recreate that at home. Ryan rightly pointed out that giving her medicine bottles to shake probably wasn't the best long-term plan, so instead we came up with the idea of getting her an egg shaker. Five minutes later, Ryan had ordered one off Amazon, and when it arrived a couple of days later, it was love at first sight:

Ever so slowly, Josie is getting more mobile. She was able to scoot down one of the stairs this week, and seems interested in climbing up them, but her technique isn't the greatest yet (it mainly consists of sticking her legs straight out in front of her and hitting the stairs with her hands). She did push herself up to sitting a couple of times, and also started getting herself from standing to sitting with some control (rather than just plopping herself down on her bum).

[It was a long, pain-staking, overly dramatic process, but here is Josie going from standing to sitting, and then crawling forward some. Sorry for the shaky camerawork - I was laughing so hard towards the end because Josie likes to express her frustration by blowing raspberries]

Josie has also been a bit funny about food the last couple of weeks. So unless it's her beloved blueberries, grapes, or cherries (which she eats by the handful), she had been fussing and throwing the food away. However, we discovered that if the food we give her comes directly from my plate, then it's apparently ok. So problem solved, at least momentarily :) We were going to go in that direction sooner or later anyway - we've been introducing foods fairly slowly to make sure we can tell if she has any allergies, and if so, to what - and the plan was to just start giving her whatever we're eating after she turns one. So in the meantime, she's mainly still getting whole fruits and vegetables, with the occasional meat or food from my plate. But last night, she happily gnawed on some broccoli, red peppers, green beans, and squash, and although she screamed bloody murder at first, she inexplicably became quite enthusiastic about having some liver pate as well.

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[Don't mind the man with the box on his head...]

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  1. Loved this weeks post, i laughed hysterically