Tuesday, August 7, 2012


July proved to be a very busy month for us.  The week after we got back from the lake, Josie had her 12-month well baby appointment.  She had a cold at the time, but besides that, they said she seemed quite healthy and was continuing to hit her milestones.  She weighed in at 25lbs 3oz, and was 32" tall - they didn't give me the percentiles for those measurements this time, but did mention that she's about the height of an 18-month-old... which seems to make sense, given that she's wearing 18-mo clothes now anyway :)  She got her MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine, although we delayed the other two recommended vaccines (chickenpox and hepatitis A) for the time being.

Then that next weekend, we headed off to Pittsburgh for my brother's wedding.  Turns out my rather negative impression of Pittsburgh (based on a rest stop I must have taken in the outskirts of the city almost a decade ago) was unfounded - the area we were staying in outside of the city was quite nice, and downtown was pretty cool.


I wish we had more time to explore, but we were on limited time because of work and the kid - maybe someday we'll make it back up there to poke around the city more :)  The wedding was also very nice, and it was great to get to spend time with family.

[With my dad before the wedding]
[My brother and new sister-in-law]
[The happy couple!]
[Ryan did his hair up for the wedding ;)]

Josie started getting a bit fussy towards the end of the wedding dinner, which we chalked up to being off her routine since we kept her out past her bedtime for a couple nights in a row... that probably was a contributing factor, but she also started to feel warm and had some GI stuff going on, so it seems there was more going on than just being tired. So she had a low grade fever at the beginning of the week, which started to go up mid-week, and with her worsening congestion and cough and some rash showing up on her, I ended up bringing her in to the pediatrician on Friday.  It turns out Josie has an ear infection :(  We've been keeping up with her "baby massage" (as first mentioned here), which I think has helped her not to have any ear infections since December... but I guess the cold(s) she has had for the last couple of weeks finally caught up with her, and her right ear was pretty infected, and she possibly has a sinus infection too.  So she's on some antibiotics now and already seems to be doing a lot better.

However, the pediatrician thought that her rash was just mosquito bites... which I guess could be the case, but Ryan and I think it's highly unlikely.  Especially now as more bumps are popping up on her arms, legs, and torso, and she has a different pattern of the rash across her upper lip.  Methinks this is a reaction to the MMR vaccine she got the week prior, although I'm not sure why the pediatrician discounted that theory...



Miscellaneous cuteness:

[Josie, keeping it classy since 2011]
[Josie with her favorite playmate]

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