Saturday, June 15, 2013

23 Months

Nursemaid's elbow struck again this month, only on the other arm from when this first happened almost a year ago. Apparently her arm got pulled during Ring Around the Rosie at daycare, so Ryan took her to Urgent Care, where they tried the manual manipulations four times to get it back in place, and took X-rays too to make sure she didn't break anything. It sounds like it was a miserable trip for the both of them, and then since she still wasn't using her arm by the next morning, he brought her to an orthopedic surgeon, who basically just said to give it time. She was already starting to use her arm a tiny bit better just before the appointment, and a few weeks later now she seems to be fine. But at the time, he recommended having her wear a sling for up to a week, which would have been fine with her - she loved that thing and would throw a fit when we took it off for bed... but it would slip out of place and not really support her arm anyway.

Having a hurt arm seems to have speeded her understanding of the word "help", at least. Josie was having troubles picking up her milk during dinner, and then seemed to make the connection of what "help" meant when I asked her if she needed help, she repeated it after me, and then I gave her her milk - so she then asked for help many, many more times, even after her arm was doing better :)

For other language-related changes, Josie added a few more multi-word phrases, like "yay, I did it!" (or at least something very similar to that), "fall down", and "dropped it". She has also been putting things to sleep lately, by laying them down and/or covering them with a blanket (this is how she entertains herself in her crib if she wakes up while I'm still getting ready in the morning - she wraps her kitty up in her blanket, says "sleeping", then flings it from the blanket and does it all over again). She's fairly indiscriminate with whether these objects actually can sleep though, which leads to funny situations like her laying a hammer down and saying "hammer sleeping". She also has gotten much more into our phones, carrying them around, giving them to us, talking on them - although she has determined that the name of all phones is "Daddy's phone".
In terms of new things for the month, she wore shorts for the first time this year - and apparently first time ever as far as her memory goes. She is usually pretty particular about her sleeves and pants not being rolled up, and while she adjusted fairly quickly to short sleeves, she was Very Displeased with shorts and kept yelling and pointing at her knees. She also went down the stairs upright (i.e., not on her bum) on her own for the first time.... but then sort of negated that progress by crawling back up them, and then continuing to crawl down the sidewalk. And while she rode Sandy (the penny pony at Meijer) last time we were back in Michigan, she hadn't gone on any of the grocery store rides down here.... and that was maybe for a reason. She loved the pony, but this talking, singing dragon? Did not like.

And even though I've been saying it for months, this time I really mean it - her cuspids are coming through. One had come through completely a while ago, and while her gums have been bulging for weeks/months, the other three have now finally poked through. They looked quite sharp (like little puppy needle teeth), and, predictably, Josie's sleep suffered a bit for a couple of days per tooth - not nearly has bad as it had been for previous teeth, though, and since she continued to eat well through it too, it really could have stood to be much worse. Now we just have her 2-year molars left for her primary teeth, and then get a break for a few years until she starts getting her permanent teeth in :)

Miscellaneous cuteness:

[Quick, quick, quick! Sloooow]
[Notice her eyes...
[...never break focus...]
[...with the tv]

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