Saturday, July 13, 2013

8 Weeks

Here we are again, and yet I'm much more hopeful this time that this baby will stick. This was our third attempt at baby #2, using our final frozen embryo (from the same batch as Josie came from), which got a score of 100% after thawing and was transferred by my usual doctor (who also did Josie's transfer). So I realize these things don't really predict a positive outcome, but it still made me feel like we might have a better chance with this one. New baby also has measured right on track or a day ahead for both ultrasounds we've had so far, which is also the only time that has happened for me except for Josie. So maybe this will actually be it for us?!

As far as symptoms go, this little baby is knocking me out.... I've almost felt delirious a few times from being so tired, and have had nausea just about every day for the last two weeks. And I'm sticking with loving the nausea as a reminder of the baby I'm carrying, so long as it doesn't actually turn into vomiting ;) Besides that, lots of crazy, super-involved dreams, interrupted sleep, and some weepiness.

And oddly enough, the tolerance (and then enjoyment) of chocolate I developed while pregnant with Josie (and then continued the last two years) seems to have disappeared, since I think I've had only one piece of candy in the last month (and this, despite a full-to-the-brim bowl of delicious peanut butter and chocolate candies my coworker keeps at the cube across from me). I'm trying to eat healthier, though, since I finally got down to a weight I was good with as a starting point for a pregnancy, but I haven't yet started walking again since the fire upstairs displaced the treadmill a few months back. But just about everything is back in order upstairs now, so as soon as I can get a handle on the homework for the finance class I'm taking (and my fatigue/nausea), then I'll get back to walking again.

I actually have been taking comparison shots since 4 weeks, but since the first several aren't really that exciting (and probably won't be for a while), I've just included my 4 week shot as the "baseline" along with the 7 week picture (we're on vacation now, so no 8 week shot). I appear to have gotten smaller as the weeks went on, but I'm sure that's a factor of the bloat from the medications and my attempt at decent posture :)

IMG_0048     IMG_0085

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