Saturday, July 27, 2013

10 Weeks

Since I always like some good milestones, this week I had the pleasure of two of them: my first (official) visit with my new midwives, and the end of my injectable meds! :) Oh, and a third: I'm apparently showing already.... or at least my bloated belly has taken on the shape of a baby belly.

So Thursday I went in to see my new midwives, and it's just such a difference from everywhere else I've received care. They have a free-standing birth center, and appointments are done in the birthing suites rather than in a regular office environment - and the birthing suites are just beautiful. I kind of want to live there.

I've been there a couple of times before for Bradley reunions and other meet-ups (since this birth center has become quite the hub for crunchy and other natural birth-minded folks in my area), and I was really looking forward to getting to start seeing this group of midwives for my own care. The birth center had just opened the week Josie was born, so it didn't work out with them last time, but I've had other friends deliver with this group of midwives and all reviews have been phenomenal. So I've just been (somewhat) patiently waiting for our chance :)

Anyway, the visit went well - they take a much more holistic approach from what I'm used to with care providers, so they really emphasize the importance of diet, exercise, supplements, etc., to maintain health and stay low risk (and actually get into the details of each). So far I really just need to drastically increase my intake of water, get back to exercising as soon as I feel up to it (the fatigue and my class has been making it difficult so far), and then I'll begin following the diet I did with Josie too (basically, a lot of protein along with the usual recommendations for a healthful diet). They didn't think we'd be able to hear the heartbeat, but since I was so nervous - as usual - that I had lost the baby due to some issues earlier in the week, they thought we might as well try.... and then they were able to find it within 5 minutes :) 

I also get to end my injectable meds tonight. I really could have switched over to non-injectables several weeks ago, but since I had already paid for enough injectable meds to get me through 10 weeks, I figured we might as well stick with the injectables (pun not entirely intended). The bruising hasn't been that bad this time around (with Josie, towards the end it was just shots into bruises and welts every day - not pleasant), but my back's readiness to bleed has been, so I will not miss these daily shots. 

Finally, on Tuesday I noticed what appeared to be a baby bump. Now, I know subsequent pregnancies can start showing earlier, but being barely 9 weeks at the time seemed to be excessive, since the baby isn't even the size of my fist yet. But regardless of what I think, every morning since then I've woken up looking just a touch thicker than usual, and by the end of the day, there is a definite bump. So we'll see how much longer before people start noticing. I didn't really start telling people at work until at least 16 weeks with Josie, and I have the distinct feeling that that won't be possible this time around.

Standard first-thing-in-the-morning comparison shot:
IMG_0261     IMG_0265
At the end of the day (whoa). And then, just for fun, sucking in as hard as I can, which is how I'm walking around at work right now :)
IMG_0269     IMG_0270

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