Saturday, August 3, 2013

11 Weeks

As when I was pregnant with Josie too, I was worried about what would happen when I stopped my meds.... and as when I was pregnant with Josie, my symptoms continued on just as usual, and actually seemed to get a bit worse, which was comforting. I even had a few days this week that the nausea got pretty bad an hour or so before I left work. Since I already have to wear my Sea-bands for the drive home anyway, that made me a bit nervous to be feeling sick before even leaving work. Despite that, I was fine every day except one, where I was basically laid out for a couple of hours after getting home before I started feeling better.

I've been craving doughnuts for at least a couple of weeks now, and I had a chance to satisfy this craving with a free doughnut on Monday... and then quickly remembered why I don't like doughnuts all that much as it sat like a brick all morning. Now I'm craving apples, which is much better :)

Besides that, I've felt just fine except for being hungry all the time (and yet not wanting to eat anything except apples and pretzels), sleeping poorly (complete with crazy dreams every.single.night), and going on two weeks with a cold.

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