Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Yes, I'm giving up on doing "#X Month" updates and just switching to calendar months. One of the benefits of Josie turning two is I no longer need to remember how many months she is :)

So for this month, Josie learned a few more shapes and can now identify (and say) circle, square, triangle, rectangle, star, and heart. She started asking for certain books by name now (albeit made-up names, but at least recognizable), and knows several color names, although she's not very good at actually matching the names to the correct color quite yet. She loves to yell bye to everything ("bye Roomba!" "bye meat!" "bye bug!"), and also said her first few sentences (we forgot to record the first one, but I know one of them was "Mommy drink water"). Josie has also gotten spoiled by the nightly parade of deer past the play room windows as we eat dinner and has taken to yelling for mommy deer and baby deer... which usually show up, much to her delight :)
[Saying bye to everything]

Josie's drawings have also really gotten more sophisticated (at least, for a 2-year-old) this month. She has started drawing things (rather than just circles, lines, or dots) and telling us what they are - so she's apparently drawn a banana and octopus now (the latter of which she has been obsessed with lately, along with crabs and fish). I also didn't understand her one time when she asked me to draw a rainbow, so she did it herself and I actually recognized it. 

Besides all that, the big adventure from this month was our annual trip to the lake. We headed back to Lake Gaston for a week with Ryan's family, and had a great time - I especially liked my little slice of terra firma, since my motion sickness doesn't let me hang out on the dock or in the water for very long with everyone else.

One of Josie's favorite parts from the trip seemed to be digging around in the sand, so when she wasn't out on the water in her float, she (and her cousins) kept me company.


One of Josie's other favorite parts of the trip appeared to be the large number of Little People (and accessories) that came with the house. That was the first and last thing she wanted to play with each day (probably because it was directly outside our bedroom door).

We all had a great time this year (helped in large part by Josie's awesome sleep the whole week - an extra hour each night and usually an extra hour each nap), although I suspect Josie got a little overstimulated again, since she stopped playing so nicely with everyone about midway through the week and just wanted to be left on her own. It turns out she does basically the same thing at daycare too (plays with the other kids for a couple of hours, then just wants to play on her own or cuddle with the adults). But before all that happened, she learned to say her aunts' and cousins' names better and "Papa great", and how to blow it up.

The only real downside to the whole week was this: the endless flight of stairs from the house to the water. I could only handle going up them 1.5 times a day (making the last half of the second trip especially tiring/painful).

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[Even getting a haircut, her finger had to stay in her mouth]
[Counting - with some repeats and skipped numbers, but counting nevertheless :)]

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