Sunday, August 11, 2013

12 Weeks

Ryan didn't believe it would happen so soon, but someone actually noticed my belly at work this week :) Normally I'm still able to suck it in enough that no one would notice, but I was alone in the kitchen and not thinking about it when one of our (very observant) directors came in and immediately called me out. Only another week before I'll stop trying to hide it anyway, so we'll see if she is able to keep a secret until then too ;)

Besides that, this week my nausea got a bit worse than it has been. It has been fairly easily alleviated by Sea-bands and pretzels or ginger (tea or candies), but this week there were a few days when none of those things helped.... leading to a very rough commute home (where I normally have some trouble anyway). I've had a weird relationship with food this week too, though. I haven't really felt like eating a lot of the time, and yet I'm so hungry most of the time, and giving in to some of my cravings has really hit the spot. Ryan made me scrambled eggs for dinner one night, which was great, and then I also got some pasta at work one day. So, in case it isn't obvious, I take notes every day (both for these weekly updates and for Josie's monthly updates - there is no way my memory would be good enough to remember all this minutiae otherwise ;) ), and my note from that day pretty much sums it up: "had penne with meatballs for lunch and it was seriously the most delicious thing ever".

I've also still been checking the baby's heartbeat on my doppler every other day since I was first able to find it at about 10 weeks... it's such a source of comfort to me to be able to check in and at least know this little one is still with me. I'll just feel so much better once I can feel it moving too. And speaking of which, I possibly felt the baby move already! It seems really early, but I've heard it's possible to feel it this early with subsequent babies. My belly was rhythmically pulsing for maybe 10 seconds right at 12 weeks, so we'll see if I feel it again anytime soon.
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