Sunday, October 13, 2013

21 Weeks

This week I had what should be the last ultrasound for this pregnancy: the anatomy scan.  All body parts were accounted for, and new baby's sex remains a secret for everyone but the ultrasound tech :) New baby is apparently measuring spot-on for its gestational age (which is odd, because it seemed a lot of the individual measurements were measuring almost a week ahead), and weighed about 14oz. I have an anterior placenta again, meaning that the placenta is between the baby and my stomach, so that probably explains why I'm not feeling as much movement as new baby is producing. There was also briefly a concern that the placenta was too low, although it had risen back up by time the doctor checked again, so they said it was nothing to worry about.

Below are images from the ultrasound, including some 3-D ones :)

My ongoing illness(es) continued this week, with a sore throat, stuffed up nose, and fatigue. On top of my other sleep issues lately, now I'm also waking up multiple times a night to get a drink of water to try to get rid of the incessant tickle in my throat. My appetite is also up somewhat this week - it's still not the all-encompassing, gnawing hunger it could be, but usually in the morning, I'm almost immediately hungry again after eating. I recently discovered how wonderful (saltless) pretzels are dipped in peanut butter, so at least that's a fun addition to my snack rotation :)

After getting a bit stressed with several ongoing "projects" related to getting ready for new baby, without any coming to completion the last few weeks, we finally made some good progress. We wanted to have Josie in her new school within the next month or two so she would be fully settled in a few months before new baby came, so we toured five preschools for Josie and ended up liking the second-to-last one (thank goodness), and she is now enrolled to start there next month. We also did some more research into daycare options for new baby, but still have a lot to figure out there: do we get an au pair or nanny, use the same in-home daycare as Josie is going to, find a new one that's closer, etc. Our awesome doula from Josie's birth also just confirmed that she is no longer taking clients, so I'm working on researching doulas too and should be contacting some next week. We also made some decisions on Josie's new furniture, so we're hoping to get that in the next week or so, move her current furniture to new baby's nursery, then get Josie's room set up (and fully child-proofed) for her to start transitioning out of the crib.
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