Sunday, October 20, 2013

22 Weeks

This week we got our doula situation straightened out, and also picked up the majority of Josie's furniture so we could start moving her out of her crib. We ended up going with a doula who works at the birth center, since the price (significantly less than pretty much every other doula we looked at) and experience (much more than pretty much every other doula we looked at in our price range) was right, and she obviously works very closely with my midwives already, so that's a big added bonus as well.

We finally completely cleared out the nursery this week... and then promptly filled it with furniture odds and ends. Since we decided to have new baby take over Josie's crib rather than convert the crib to a full size bed for Josie, it seemed to make the most sense to just switch all of Josie's furniture over to the new baby and get new furniture for Josie. Ryan went out to Ikea this week and got pretty much everything (just missing a dresser and nightlight), so we've been putting together her furniture the last few days, and now have a mishmash of old and new furniture in her room and the new baby's until we can get everything set up again in Josie's room.

As far as cleaning out the nursery, unfortunately it's not because we had actually organized/purged stuff, but more that I just moved all of the remaining office stuff up to the guest room, where it now lies in big piles waiting for me to sort through it again. Due to the government shutdown, I've had to take a day off each week for the last two weeks, and although the shutdown is over now, I still have to take two more days within the next month. So during the first two days, I tackled painting the garage (now a much more pink version of the peach I thought I was painting it - oops), and then for the next two days off I'll most likely be working on the guest room and some other miscellaneous painting to hopefully finally finish off those projects.

I've talked about basically everything else but the new baby since there isn't much to update on the actual baby itself :) New baby is still kicking me in somewhat uncomfortable ways, and seems to like (or possibly hate) loud music since it was kicking a lot when we went to see a band play last night. I'm still slightly sick, cranky, and having troubles sleeping - although I have had much better luck staying on my left side sleeping last week, so maybe there's actually a chance I can get used to it and get some better sleep.
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