Friday, November 17, 2017

Spring/Summer Catch-up

I thought I had started another post a while ago, but I can't find it now so I figured I'll just do a photo dump to try to catch up to the present day :) So here's a whole bunch of pictures of the kids and other random stuff, with a little bit of commentary.
[Whenever my shoes go missing, it's usually a safe bet to start with Audra]
[Doesn't seem that comfortable, but what do I know...]
[One week's harvest from the garden... several different kinds of lettuces, arugula, etc. 
I learned the hard way this year that we can't eat enough salads to keep up]
[Our raspberry plants finally produced a single, perfect raspberry... and it was delicious]
[Our biggest grape vine so far... before it got savaged by Japanese beetles later in the season]
[Kiwis... before I got prune-happy with them and a deer destroyed one later in the season]
[The garden in full bloom - from the left, asparagus, lettuces, edamame, pole beans, kale, peas, kiwis]
[One of Josie's sunflowers]
[Trapped in my car again by the guineafowl at the stables... this doesn't show all of them, 
and they are surprisingly intimidating en masse]
[Excited to get the party started for Josie's birthday at the ice rink]
[My usual view at the lake]
[Managed to get both girls to take naps every day while at the lake, although I had 
to suffer a few minor indignities]
[Blueberry picking!]
[Cousins! And Audra's new clothes, since we forgot ALL OF HER SHIRTS]
[I don't know what is even happening here]
[Back home from the lake, this is our friendly neighborhood turkey]
[This is apparently what we do for dinner when Josie is at a sleepover at Nana's]
[Somehow a leopard appears to have come along for the ride on the Ferris wheel]
[The greenhouse got a bit overrun, between the amaranth, sweet potatoes, and fig trees]
[For someone who doesn't like tomatoes, I was quite pleased with our crop this year]
[Droopy sunflower head = sunflower seeds for snacking!]

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