Saturday, November 6, 2010

6 weeks

I've made it to 6 weeks now. The bloating seems to have lessened a bit, although this week I started having some issues with nausea, smell sensitivity and food aversions. All of which made eating not a very fun experience. I was planning on continuing with my lunches of a salad and fruit to help counteract my full dinners and ice cream/cheesecake desserts, but suddenly the mere thought of a salad is turning my stomach. Normally I fluctuate about 5 lbs each week (starting the week at the heaviest after a weekend of eating out, and then ending at my lightest on Friday), but this week I held pretty steady at my normal Monday weight all week. Not being able to eat salads will not help with this issue.

My whole meal schedule has also been thrown off the last couple of weeks - normally I eat breakfast around 9:30-10:00, then eat lunch around 1:30-2:00, and then dinner around 6:00-7:00. Now I'm lucky if I make it to 9:30, and then my stomach is growling by 11:30... I can usually fight it off until 12:30, but then I'm starving again by 3:00, so I've had to add a mid-afternoon snack now. So far either a banana or some greek yogurt is sufficing, and I guess that replaces my daily Mountain Dew, from any "extra" calorie standpoint anyway. And who knew finding a tea I could drink would be so hard? I have a stash of about 6-7 kinds of tea at work, and while some of them were automatically excluded because they're caffeinated, I thought the remaining decaf teas (green, apple spice, dandelion, and elderberry/blackberry) would be fine. But then I read to avoid green tea while pregnant (although it wasn't entirely clear if that was under the assumption that it was caffeinated), and then both the apple spice and elderberry/blackberry teas have hibiscus in them, which I'm apparently also supposed to avoid. The dandelion tea literally had just dandelion in it, and that didn't seem to have any dire warnings about it, so at least I could have that.

There are three items that I use on almost a daily basis - a water bottle, a plastic container for salad (although this may no longer be an issue if I can't stomach salad), and styrofoam cups for my oatmeal. The one water bottle is no longer cutting it, so I started looking into getting a bigger one, which then led into researching the dangers of plastic. So now I'm worried about the one I do use (which is metal of some sort for the body but then has a plastic top), since I haven't found a good metal or glass one to replace it yet. It's never been heated though, and although the top is scratched a bit from washing, hopefully it's ok in the interim. The plastic container is supposedly fine (since it's #2), but I'm still worried since it's been used/washed nearly daily for a couple of years and it is pretty scratched up, which apparently helps with leaching. I tried switching to a glass container, but then have the same problem with the cover being plastic (and it didn't have the number listed on it). And now finally - finally! - I'm apparently motivated enough to try to get away from using the styrofoam cups for my oatmeal. The fact that I use and throw away styrofoam every day is something I've felt guilty about for years, but apparently not guilty enough to actually remember to bring a bowl to use. So far I've remembered to bring a glass bowl from home for one day, and hopefully I'll remember to keep doing this next week too.

The first ultrasound is on Monday, and I've moved away from just pure excitement to a mix of excitement and worry now. It turns out Ryan's going to be on an airplane at the time of my appointment, so now I'm disappointed that he's going to miss the big reveal of how many we have in there, and I'm also worried that if I have a blighted ovum (or two), that I'm going to have to deal with that on my own again, since I had gone to the ultrasound on my own during my first pregnancy when we found out the baby had stopped growing. But there's not much we can do about it anyway, and having Ryan there or not won't affect what's going on inside me, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed for good news that I can share with him as soon as he lands.

Below is my first official weekly comparison pic, although there's not much belly-wise to compare, so instead I'm more admiring the fact that there's no clothes on the ground for the 6 week pic and I got one side of my hair relatively tamed at least ;) As I mentioned, the bloat seems to have lessened somewhat, but it looks like it somehow got more concentrated into a narrower ring across my belly. Weird.

5-6 week comparison

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