Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beta #3

Third and what should be my final betas were yesterday. Once again, I was too tired to write about it then. The fatigue was even worse yesterday, and basically the entire afternoon at work was spent with my eyes half open just struggling to stay awake. But it wasn't even just feeling tired sleepy - it felt more like a drugged sleepy, like I had taken too many Dramamine. Anyway, so numbers for the third betas were 14,341, which are pretty much right where they should be. We find out how many are in there on Monday, but in the meantime, I've been checking my betas against the single and twin pregnancy numbers on betabase.info, and I have to say, I really have a feeling there are two of them. Although I've heard stories about higher betas before and it turned out to be a singleton, and I also did have my very vivid, potentially prophetic dream the night of the embryo transfer that I was pregnant with one. So we'll see how prophetic that was. Or maybe the second one was just hiding behind the first in my dream, since the baby that showed up on the ultrasound in my dream was already 20 weeks along (the day of transfer! How...ambitious.).

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