Monday, January 3, 2011

13 weeks

A day I seriously never thought would come - 13 weeks! I'm either done with first trimester or three days away (depending on who you ask), but regardless, I'm so excited to reach this milestone. The biggest update from this week is that my bloat belly has gotten more firm, so less bloat, more baby! I realized it on Wednesday, and I've been poking at my belly more often than is probably sane ever since. I also think I'm having some round ligament pain (RLP from here on out), which has just been some sharp twinges on either side of my abdomen. RLP is apparently normal, and is just the ligaments that hold my uterus in place stretching out. Fun. I'm still fatigued every day too, but I'm still blaming that on my complete inability to get a decent night's sleep more so than any purely hormonal reasons (although I guess it's probably due to hormones that I wake up throughout the night). I'm usually able to get about one night in a week where I sleep almost the entire night through, although I think that's only because I'm so exhausted that my body finally gives in and lets me sleep.

12-13 week comparison

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