Friday, January 7, 2011

15 weeks

This week I got organized. I was getting worried that I was going to forget something important until it was too late, or get too overwhelmed by all the stuff to research, so I pulled together a checklist and arranged everything so I have a couple of tasks each week, which led to an instant decrease in my stress level :) So on the list for this week was to tell my new manager, research and sign up for childbirth classes, and switch from the OB to the midwives. The first task went well, although I still have to figure out the leave situation. We decided to go with Bradley Method classes, so we signed up for a course starting next month led by a couple in Sterling. Switching to the midwives was a little more awkward, since I essentially had to "break up" with the OB, but I guess that went as well as it could've. I just told them that it had nothing to do with the care I was receiving there, but since the pregnancy seemed to be progressing normally now, I wanted to switch back to the midwives since I've been a patient there for a couple of years now. I did have to have a short interview with the midwives to see if they would be willing to take me on given some of the issues I had earlier on in the pregnancy, but luckily that went well and I go to my first appointment with them on the 17th.

Ryan and I had been trying to keep an eye out for cheap maternity clothes on craigslist, and we scored pretty well on that last weekend. For $75, I got probably well over $1000 worth of clothes, and while the pants were kind of a bust since all but one pair are too short and some of the shirts are likely going to stay too big for me, that should have me set throughout the pregnancy for the most part. I figure I might go to H&M and pick up a couple trendier things once I start showing more, but all in all, that seemed like a success.

In terms of symptoms, the RLP have continued every day, which is fine. Things are growing and moving around, so I guess some discomfort is to be expected. The crazy dreams have continued too, which Ryan has rapidly lost interest in. So I still feel the need to share them with him, but now he gets a one-sentence summary, like "I dreamed I was staying at my dad and Rosey's house and there was a panther living in the house with me for two weeks before I got scared for my life that it was going to eat me, and then you called the cops and they got the panther and two other (smaller) large cats out of the house," or "I dreamed I was at a horse show in Estonia [which I had to look up later since I didn't even know where that was - turns out it's just north of Latvia, west of Russia] and people were riding backwards or under blankets that completely covered the horse and rider."

14-15 week comparison

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