Saturday, January 22, 2011

17 weeks

This week was marked by more crazy dreams (a True Blood/Weeds/Narnia hybrid somehow involving vampire pirates) and another episode of waking myself up with creepy laughing. I'm pretty sure I can feel the baby moving around now too :) The midwives said I should start feeling it any time now, and while I thought I had felt movement once around 13 weeks, I'm starting to think that was some flukey muscle spasm, because the movements now don't feel the same and are in a different location. So every once in a while it feels like there's some carbonation just below my belly button, which is a little odd but definitely cool. I'm not sure if the baby is going through a growth spurt or something, but I've been ridiculously hungry this whole week - like, within half an hour of eating, I'm already ravenous again. And not only that, but since I usually get a bit cranky when I'm really hungry, I've had a couple of days now when I've been in a terrible mood all day except for that half-hour window after each meal... poor Ryan :(

I also started yoga last weekend, which was a welcome return back to something I really enjoy. I started practicing yoga maybe 5-6 years ago, but then stopped a couple of years ago because I didn't want to deal with the stress of getting pregnant in the middle of a session (which probably wouldn't have been a big deal at all, but I get stressed about stuff like that - would I switch to pre-natal classes immediately after finding out I'm pregnant? If I didn't, would any of the normal poses harm me or the baby? Etc.). Obviously, the poses we're doing in pre-natal yoga aren't that intense, but I got some good stretching in, and I was even surprised that we were doing some of the poses we did, which will maybe help me calm down and not be so worried/conservative about doing anything - I mean, I've heard plenty of stories of people who keep jogging and working out while pregnant. Meanwhile, I get worried about going for too strenuous a walk. And I actually stayed awake for the relaxation/meditation section of the class! That's always been a mystery to me what goes on during that time, because in every class but maybe one in all the years I've been doing yoga, I've fallen asleep during relaxation/meditation. So even being arranged into the most comfortable position ever, courtesy of a whole stack of blankets, I managed to stay awake and get into a more relaxed state than I've been in years.

I also spoke with the midwives again to make a decision about the high risk doctor. I spoke with a different midwife this time, and she reiterated that the decision to stop seeing the high-risk doctor needs to come from me, as they can't really direct me to stop seeing them since they've provided a whole plan for my care and they believe it's medically necessary to continue seeing me. She assured me that the extra ultrasounds were ok, since I was a bit worried after seeing some research indicating that there were risks involved with repeated ultrasounds. She also told me that if I had come in without already having seen the high risk doctor that they wouldn't have referred me to them if IVF was the only risk factor I had, and she said that they consider me as having a normal pregnancy now, which is nice to hear. It still seems so strange to me that everything seems to be going normally now, so it's good to hear confirmation of that from my medical providers too to remind me that everything is ok. She did confirm that there is a higher rate of pre-eclampsia (and thus restricted growth) associated with IVF pregnancies, so they will be monitoring me a bit more closely for that, and we'll just have to take it as it comes if any ultrasounds do indicate that the baby isn't able to grow properly towards the end. So, we basically decided that I would continue seeing the high risk doctor as well, as long as my insurance will continue covering it. They must have just changed their forms after the new year, because prior to that, every visit to the high risk doctor involved me signing some form that stated they expected my insurance company would not pay the claim because they would view the treatment as not being medically necessary, and then it would include the total cost of that day's visit - which is a little unnerving to have to sign something each time agreeing to be responsible for paying potentially hundreds of dollars worth of costs for a 30-minute visit. So they've changed the form now so it's not quite as scary, but I figured I should still call my insurance company now that it's been a few months since my first visit to see if there are any issues with processing the claims for the high risk doctor.

A few more people know and/or guessed at work this week, and I'm starting to see why - this week I can definitely see a difference, and it appears that my usual work pants and jeans will only be getting a few more weeks of use out of them at best.
16-17 week comparison

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