Thursday, May 3, 2012

42 Weeks

Last week, Ryan took his long-delayed trip to Dublin for work, so my mom stayed over for the week to help me out / get her Josie fix / enjoy a shorter commute.  It worked out well, and now I'm much less apprehensive about Ryan having to be away :)  Although Josie had decided to forgo most of her morning nap on Sunday when Ryan came  back, so she didn't provide a very enthusiastic welcome home for him in the afternoon:
[What is her little fist doing? I have no idea]

Before Ryan came back, though, Josie and I met up with one of the ladies from our childbirth classes and her little girl for lunch.  It was so fun to see the babies interacting and squealing at each other, and I'm afraid to say I squealed along with them because they were just too cute.
[Stealing Josie's sock]

There are definite differences in how Josie eats different foods now.  She chews (in a very exaggerated fashion) on cantaloupe, and does what we've dubbed "fists of rage" to eat her sweet potatoes... which consists of squishing them in her fist (bonus points for when she is shaking from the exertion), and then she attempts to eat the (squished) sweet potato from in between her fingers, usually by trying to shove her entire fist in her mouth.

Josie is definitely an odd little duck though - one day last week she was being very quiet on the way home, so I checked in the mirror to see if she was falling asleep... only to catch her licking her car seat.  She then sneezed, smiled a little Mona Lisa smile to herself, and finished up by pointing at her foot and yelling at it :)

Last week also marked the first time she did something based solely off a verbal cue - in this case, clapping.  One morning, before Josie had started doing her cute little baby claps for the day, I said "clap clap clap!" to her, and lo and behold, she actually did it.  Cue high-pitched squealing from me, which I'm pretty sure scared her, but she did it a few more times throughout the week so it doesn't appear to have been a fluke.  That does seem like a pretty big step that she's able to do something based purely off an unrelated verbal cue (as in, she's not flicking her tongue or babbling in response to us doing the same).

Josie is still not crawling, although Ryan usually devotes part of the time while I'm eating dinner to working with her on walking, so her standing and walking skills are continuing to get better.
[Not crawling, but maybe getting a bit closer?]
[Recovering from her efforts with some thumb-sucking, which always follows the "eat Daddy's shoulder" part of the routine (note the wet spots on his shoulder)]

And finally, Josie slept through the night (technically) for the first time last week - at least, in the sense that she did not wake up between when she fell asleep and when she woke up for the day (although she did go down a bit late and then woke almost an hour early, so she may very well have actually slept for a longer stretch on a different night).  And this was coming on the heels of a pretty rough night of sleep, and our renewed dedication to not push her into sleeping through the night.  We have been trying to follow her lead when it makes sense (re: sleeping, eating, holding, etc.), as she's more tuned in to her biological needs since she hasn't yet learned to ignore or second-guess her instincts the way adults tend to do.  So we have been trying to just let the sleep situation work out naturally, since she has gone to fewer wake-ups and being able to get herself back to sleep better (now with mostly very little help on our part, except for some back patting and shushing) with just some support and patience on our end, so this was a pretty exciting development.  I know it will still be a while before this is a consistent occurrence, but it's still good to see she's capable of it (and this without crying or sleeping training (at least not yet), and with her back in her crib for most of the night), and I'll look forward to her doing this more in the future ;)

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