Wednesday, May 23, 2012

45 Weeks

First off for this week, here's a video I like of Josie running through every goofy little sound she could think of.

Josie is continuing to work on her walking every day, and has also been focusing on standing still lately too, which seems a bit harder since it's constant balance corrections. For whatever reason, she has also started popping her mouth open and closed, especially when walking - we like to call it her walkin' motor :)

[Yes, Josie does actually do something without an accompanying soundtrack of shrieking ;)]

As far as her fine motor skills, she's gotten quite good at flicking light switches on and off, and handing stuff to us when we ask nicely and hold our hands out (although she usually grabs it right back). Josie has also been more into playing peekaboo lately.... sort of. She'll occasionally cover her eyes with her hands and then pull them down and laugh, but also holds her hands up to her temples or over her ears before pulling them away and laughing :) She also was really into her blocks and stacking cups this week - she played relatively quietly by herself for close to an hour the other day with just a couple of blocks and her cups, mainly putting the block in a cup, flinging it out, collecting it, and doing it all over again.

Josie is still a happy and delightful little baby for the most part, but she is also getting more... opinionated, let's say. She discovered she could take her straw out of her cup and use it to drum on the cup lid, chew on, poke herself in the eye, etc., and erupted into outraged crying as soon as we took it away from her. She also, rather disturbingly, has been hitting herself in the face. It was mildly amusing at first when it seemed like a fluke, but then she kept doing it, and started hitting herself harder and harder. She's apparently done this at daycare too, when other kids took her toys away (since she's not exactly mobile yet, I guess she's a sitting duck for them), but has also done this at home when she isn't upset. I've been trying to stop her, but she either thinks it's a game or gets upset with me from stopping her from hitting herself... even when it's to the point that she's hitting herself hard enough that she seems upset by it. I see logic will not work here.
[Demonstrating her favorite way to sit in highchairs - sideways]

In other eating-related news, her bottom two teeth are still working their way into position - which, unfortunately, is pretty crooked (looks like she got my teeth!). We suspect she may be working on some other teeth, too, because she's been a bit fussy and especially drooly lately. Josie also had meat for the first time last week. For whatever reason, I had felt a little odd about giving her meat (even though Ryan and I aren't normally vegetarians), but I was eating a wrap with portobello mushrooms in it, so I gave her a bit of the mushroom. She ate it right up, so I gave a bigger piece to Ryan to cut up, and as he did so, he was shocked to find that it was steak - not shocked that Josie had eaten meat, but shocked that I apparently couldn't tell the difference between mushroom and steak :(

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[Sometimes eating is very serious business]
[Luckily, Josie now finds it much more amusing than she used to when Ryan blows in her face]

[Happy baby!]

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