Wednesday, May 9, 2012

43 Weeks

The big news for this week is that Josie is finally cutting some teeth! A bottom tooth starting coming through last week, and I just noticed a second one a couple of days ago. It just took 6 months since the pediatrician first noted that she was teething at her 4-month appointment ;) I tried to get a picture of them, but since they're still just barely through her gums, you can't really see them quite yet. So here is probably one of the last pictures of Josie without readily visible teeth ;)

She's done pretty well with cutting these teeth, though, and that's on top of the congestion/cold she's had for a few days now too - she's generally still as happy as can be, although she's had a bit of trouble at night, waking up a few extra times with sad crying :( So she's been spending more of the night than normal in our bed, since she tends to sleep better and wake up sad crying less there - which is fine as long as she doesn't flail around and hit me, which she's been doing better with lately. However, she has developed a rather unfortunate way to soothe herself to sleep: pinching my throat or scratching my teeth (which I normally don't let her do - turns out I do have limits). So as long as she has her thumb to suck and my throat to pinch, I've been able to get her back to sleep lately (if she's not hungry) with just snuggling with her in bed, if patting her back while she's still in her crib didn't work. Although I did reach my tolerance limit the other night with the throat poking and prodding, so I finally blocked her from getting at my throat and she fell asleep grasping onto my cheek instead. Good enough :)

It's hard for me to believe that 10 months have already flown by, and nursing her is already winding down. I would happily keep nursing until Josie self-weans, if not for the pumping (I hate it, and my "break times" are only officially protected by company policy for 12 months) and the fact that I'll likely need to go through IVF again if we hope to have another kid anytime soon, and I can't nurse while taking the medications needed for that. I just realized this morning that, although I've been fussing about how I'm going to go about weaning Josie after she turns one for a while now, the process has likely already begun. Josie has gone from drinking 24oz each day at daycare to 18oz maybe a month or two ago, and lately has only been having maybe 9-10oz a day as she's increasing the amount of solids she's eating. We had been sending some multi-grain cereal with her to daycare and giving her some solids at night for a while now, but we just gave daycare permission this week to start giving her the same breakfast the other kids get (a soup made out of potato, dal, and squash), and this morning we sent along some mango, cantaloupe, sweet potato, and grapes for her to get at lunch-time too. I had been worried about what we'd switch her to after I weaned (e.g., cow's milk, goat's milk, etc.), but I'm slightly less concerned about that now that I'm realizing she's doing pretty well with her solids intake, and my stash of frozen milk (currently just under 400oz) should keep her going for a little while after I wean too.

Speaking of solids, we just introduced Josie to her new favorite food item of the week: yogurt. When she first starting eating solids, she didn't seem to distinguish much between the different foods we gave her (they all ended up in her mouth eventually, and she seemed about equally excited about them), but she's definitely starting to show some preferences now: favorites include mango, pear, and cantaloupe, but yogurt has now superseded at least cantaloupe, since as soon as she had her first bite, she dropped the cantaloupe she was double-fisting and excitedly flailed around until she got more.
[Josie and her soon-to-be new best friend, yogurt]

Miscellaneous cuteness:
[Proof that Josie is not always smiling - I think she was yelling at me because I took away the comb she was chewing on]
[That's more like it ;)]
[Swing time!]
[Playing with her new toys]

[Talking to her baby doll]

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