Saturday, November 2, 2013

24 Weeks

So this week marks an important milestone for new baby: viability! At 24 weeks, most hospitals would try to save the baby if I were to deliver now - although the baby would not be without some serious health concerns this early, so obviously we want it to stay in for about another four months.

This week I'm feeling decidedly more pregnant: I'm super hungry, irritable, completely exhausted, and my legs and feet are starting to get really achy, especially when I first wake up. I was feeling a tiny bit discouraged about all of this until I just checked through my notes with Josie, and apparently almost the exact same thing happened when I was this far along with her too - and I'm not sure how I did it now, but I loved second and third trimester with her and felt great for the most part (although maybe I have a bit of amnesia going on!), so hopefully I'll adjust to this soon so I don't feel so much like crawling into bed and crying from my inability to sleep.

We crossed a few items off the task list this week, the most notable of which is probably taking the front off of Josie's crib so it's now more of a daybed. We did add a bed rail, though, since she'd otherwise be falling out every couple of minutes given the way she flails around in her sleep, but she can get herself in and out of bed now. We'll keep this configuration for probably another couple of months and then move her out of her crib entirely and into her full size bed. Then we'll move the crib out of her room and set it up so it's all ready to go for the new baby :)

Another task list item that was supposed to be an easy to-do was to make an appointment for my Rhogam shot. I need to get this around 28 weeks to help prevent against my body developing antibodies against the baby's blood, if it's Rh positive and leaks into my blood stream. The midwives I'm seeing now can't issue the prescription for the shot, so instead I called my old midwives, despite the potential for awkwardness there... and, unsurprisingly, there was some awkwardness. Since they don't have the shot in-house anymore, they are unable to write me a prescription since I'm not under their care for this pregnancy (as they mentioned no less than four times). So then I called the hospital, ended up leaving a voicemail with somebody (i.e., someone who didn't return my call), and then called my regular doctor and left a voicemail with the nurses (who also didn't return my call). So now next week, I get to make more calls to basically beg someone to do me the favor of giving me this shot.... that I don't even necessarily need. It's strongly recommended for moms with Rh negative blood, but I'm actually Rh positive. My positive allele is apparently just very faint though, so depending on how sensitive the test is, I show up as either positive or negative, so given that, we decided it would be best to go ahead and get the shot. Now I just have to find someone willing to do it.
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