Saturday, November 23, 2013

27 Weeks

I guess I'm nothing if not consistent. I just checked my post at 27 weeks for Josie, and besides saying almost the same things (I don't recommend comparing my pregnancy posts, since it's actually a bit embarrassing to see that I still use the same phrases/do the same goofy things), I apparently missed the milestone of dropping into the double-digits of days left for her, and I retired my non-maternity work pants then, just as I did this week for new baby too. At least this far along with Josie I was already dealing with heartburn, which I haven't had any problems with this time (so far).

The fatigue and hunger are still pretty bad. I've been eating to the point where I definitely feel full, and yet I still feel like I'm starving. I had been tracking about the same as my weight gain with Josie, and although I started out weighing a little bit less with this pregnancy than with Josie, I think I've caught up in the last week to where I was with her this far along with all the food I've been eating. So I definitely feel bigger this week, and with a few days of just feeling a little "off", I've been more cognizant of not overdoing things. I know Braxton-Hicks contractions are perfectly normal and fine, but after feeling some tightness in my abdomen a few times this week, I was worried enough to take a couple nights off from the normal chores and walking.

I also had my last monthly appointment with the midwives this week, so now I have appointments every two weeks until 36 weeks, when I'll go to weekly appointments. This was a group appointment, so I got to meet a few other ladies about as far along as I am, and we all got to go through the fun of the gestational diabetes screening together. I remember it being just awful with Josie - the glucose drink itself isn't so bad, but I felt pretty crappy the entire rest of the day then. This time I ate right before, drank a bottle of water right after, and then ate an hour after drinking the glucola, and something seemed to have helped since I felt just fine the rest of the day. And I passed the screening, which is good :)

We had just a quick individual prenatal visit, and my belly measured right on track at 26cm and the baby's heartbeat was a good 155 bpm (with my midwife noting lots of movement while she was trying to catch the heartbeat again!). New baby has been hanging out (and kicking) pretty much just under my ribs on the right lately, which doesn't seem comfortable for either party, but I guess I don't get much say in it ;)

I also went to the other midwifery practice on Monday and got my Rhogam shot, so now I'm set on that until after delivery. If this baby has a positive blood type, then I'll need to get another shot within 72 hours, although I may try again to find someone else to give me the shot, since driving nearly an hour each way in the winter within 72 hours of giving birth just does not sound like fun.
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