Saturday, November 16, 2013

26 Weeks

I'm considering changing from calling this baby "new baby" to "elusive baby"... because it is an elusive one. Ryan has only felt it kicking maybe once or twice, and I really haven't caught it moving from the outside all that often either. New baby also was moving around almost all day Friday - from distracting me during my first meeting at 9am until giving me a kick good-night when I went to bed, there were maybe a few half-hours of quiet, but that was it. And yet despite actively trying to catch its movement on the outside, new baby rarely kicked twice in the same place, so I only caught it a couple of times.

With only a couple weeks left in second trimester, I guess I'm giving up on the "second trimester burst of energy" I had been looking forward to, because I'm still completely overcome with fatigue. I felt like I was barely functioning some days, especially after the random night that Josie shrieked in her sleep every hour (and woke me up) all night. But then the next night, I slept straight through to 4:30am until my first wakeup, and I felt awesome! I was refreshed and super excited to start the day, even at that hour. Funny how much better something can seem when it comes on the heels of something even worse ;)
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